Why You Have Crooked Teeth: Interviews with Top Orthodontists

Most physicians and dentists don’t normally associate crooked teeth with the airway and breathing problems. However, without understanding what causes crooked teeth (malocclusion), you can’t truly understand why obstructive sleep apnea develops in the first place. Fortunately, more and more dentists and some physicians are beginning to appreciate the vital role that orthodontists play in potentially preventing a myriad of health problems in childhood and later into adult years. I’ve interviewed a number of dentists about these issues in past podcasts.

In this blog post, an orthodontist (Dr. Alexander Ditmarov) interviews me about the importance of straight teeth and good health. Interestingly, he’s a Russian dentist who is traveling the world interviewing the top dentists about malocclusion and the airway.  You can see his complete set of interviews called “The Crooked Path.”

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One thought on “Why You Have Crooked Teeth: Interviews with Top Orthodontists

  1. It’s embarrassing that orthodontists and anesthesiologists have been staring at sleep apnea for over a century now and never thought of it. Even more embarrassing is that most in my experience still don’t seem to know or care about it. I know a doctor who trained at your medical school who also thinks it’s no big deal (in fact, I’m pretty sure he has sleep apnea but he refuses to get tested).