Should You Tape Your Mouth For Better Sleep?

Download transcript ✅ Video timeline 00:00   Introduction 00:57   My obsession with tape 01:27   My experiment with mouth taping 02:18   The best direction to tape your mouth 02:42   Mouth closed and open under sleep endoscopy 03:07   What the science says 03:50   Mouth taping and CPAP 04:17   The one […]

Why Humans Choke Often And Have Sleep Apnea

Download Transcript Modern humans are now much more susceptible to choking and dying. Dr. Park reveals the reasons why and what you can do to prevent it. Tired of being tired? Read my Amazon best-selling book, Sleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals The #1 Reason Why So Many Of Us Are Sick And Tired. (Kindle, audio, […]

Throat Pain With Period Flu — What Can I Do?

Download Transcript PDF 👉 7 More Ways To Eliminate Throat Pain Before Periods ✅ Summary Symptoms of the flu or throat pain around the time of a woman’s period is a common condition that many women complain to their doctors about, with little help beside bed rest and common cold remedies. In this video, I’m […]

The Best Sleeping Position to Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Download Transcript Dermatologists and chiropractors are telling women to sleep on their back to prevent facial wrinkles. This is a bad idea since most modern humans can’t breathe properly while sleeping on their backs. This is due to slowly shrinking faces and airways over the past 100 years, mainly due to the modern soft Western […]