Expert Interview: Dr. Raymond Silkman on Holistic Dentistry (Part II)

This month, we welcome back Dr. Raymond Silkman, who will finish his fascinating discussion on holistic dentistry. We continue with the following topics:

– How modern orthodontics can ruin your sleep quality
– How dental crowding can lead to nasal congestion
– The real cause of TMJ (it’s not from grinding or clenching)
– Why modern humans have more facial wrinkles – Describe the Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance
– and much, much more…
Please click here to download the MP3 file.

PDF of slides

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2 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Dr. Raymond Silkman on Holistic Dentistry (Part II)

  1. Hi,

    I had 2 teeth bridged for a lost tooth many years ago and later found that my tongue was slightly put backward and this slight push back of my tongue create some congestion at the back of my throat….is this another cause that contributed to OSA.?

    Besides had deviated septum done twice and now has humps that enlarge (at times contracted so that I can breath – with some result from using Oxymetazoline hydrocloride spray) ) from time to time (due to dryness in the air and allergy etc) at bottom of right nostril and the right nostril septum wall.

    How to have this perfect oral space, nasal space, air quality, temperature (21-22C?), humidity (55%), Saltness (?) , air pressure (?) for better quality of breathing?