Expert Interview: Anthropologist Dr. Robert Corruccini on Why We Have Crooked Teeth (And How This Relates To Sleep Apnea)

In this program, I interview Dr. Robert Corruccini, anthroplologist and author of How Anthropology Informs the Orthodontic Diagnosis of Malocclusion’s Causes (Edwin Mellen Press). We’re going to talk about why modern humans have crooked teeth, and how this relates to smaller  jaw sizes and smaller upper airways. In particular, you’ll learn:

– When did humans begin to experience a lot of occlusal problems?

– What kind of genetic and environmental factors can cause malocclusion?

– How does Dr. Corruccini’s work compare and contrast to Dr. Weston Price’s work?

– Is it true that even a few hundred years ago, humans didn’t have as many impacted wisdom teeth?

– What are some of the health consequences of crooked teeth?

– Has modern dentistry helped or hurt our teeth and our health?

– For those of use with dental crowding already, what can we do? What can we do for our children?

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5 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Anthropologist Dr. Robert Corruccini on Why We Have Crooked Teeth (And How This Relates To Sleep Apnea)

  1. Can I be on the list for your interviews?
    I had a friend send me the one with Joy Moeller and found it fascinating!
    Thanks for doing the.

    Betsy Cashen, RD

    Also do you comment on the work of Weston A Price?

  2. Ms. Cashen,

    The registration announcement should be going out next week. In the meantime, please take a look at past expert interviews. I do touch on Dr. Prices work a number of times in various interviews. In fact, it’s also one of the major source of references in my book, Sleep, Interrupted.

  3. Dear Dr. Park- I am an evolutionary-minded pediatric dentist who has been powerfully influenced by our mutual colleagues Dr.’s Brian Palmer, Robert Corruccini and John Mew over the past several years. As I develop my academic interest (I’m now back in school pursuiing an advanced degree in Anthropology) in how the science of anthropology/evolution better informs (should inform) the discipline of dentistry, I have developed several close ties in the Evolutionary Medicine/Anthropology communities. I have forwarded the link to your upcoming Corruccini interview to most of them and just wanted you and Professor C. to know that we are all looking forward to this dialogue.

    Thanks for all that you are doing to advance a better understanding about the ancestral/evolutionary basis of malocclusion…which, as you seem to grasp, is best understood when viewed as a modern public health “Disease of Civilization”.

  4. Hi Dr.Steven Park & All,

    Correct posture of jaw, biting and dairy care might be one of the way to reduce impact on sleep Apnea due to jaw development from young age? I notice many Eastern Asia kids when grow up in North Western world like in the the US have rather longer jaw and facial comparatively to ones that grow up in Eastern Asia as clearly seen from the facial. Besides, the teeth are better posture. many East Asian teeth are more clouded. As in the sleep lab, clearly more oriental East Asia are more prompt to Sleep Apena comparatively out weighted the Caucasian in general….perhaps maybe due to the many cases seems in the sleep lab?