Worldwide Stroke Rates Are Up

You may think that stroke is something you only see in older people, but strokes can also be seen in younger adults and even in children. A recent study published in The Lancet revealed that from 1990 to 2010, rates of new onset stroke, stroke survivors, and deaths from stroke increased 68%, 84%, and 26%, respectively. There were bigger increases in low and middle-income countries, and in people younger than 75. 

There are lots of different reasons for stroke, including your genes, lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, but I wonder how much of an underlying sleep-breathing condition may be contributing, as more countries adopt Western style foods and habits. It’s remarkable how our younger generations have more dental crowding and smaller jaws, which lead to more narrow upper airways.

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One thought on “Worldwide Stroke Rates Are Up

  1. Also interesting to know that this anatomy is not on vacation while we are awake and that dental/oral shapes and forms to the presence, absence and even size of bumps on the hard palate called “rugae” influence the posture and position of the tongue ,as evidenced by ease and ability of speaking and swallowing when these are considered for making complete dentures for people, also impact the tongues influence upon airflow and the related stress (fight or flight) hormone and stress response that elevates blood pressure.
    Oral system biology, also referred to as oral systemic balance takes all this into account. It is dentistry integrating its knowledge base, isn’t it?
    Why don’t you interview a noted complete denture prosthodontist and labortory technician about these influences that impact the territory of the ENT?