Woman Snores Louder Than A Jet Plane

A British woman was found to snore louder than a low flying jet plane. Although not an official world record, it’s the highest level recorded so far at 111.6 dB. This measurement was recorded at a snoring boot camp which helps people with severe snoring problems. By using a throat spray and avoiding alcohol, they reported a significant drop to 99.2 dB, which is still louder than standing next to a diesel bus engine or a lawn mower. 


It’s interesting that in this article, they don’t mention anything about the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea, and that 99 dB is still an astronomical sound level. In addition, her husband’s hearing should be checked to see if he has any nerve deafness (seriously). 


It seems like the boot camp is sponsored by one of the natural anti-snoring therapy companies (similar to the company that makes Breathe-Rite strips which is sponsoring a video snoring contest here in the US). They claim that by incorporating a sensible dietary and exercise plan into natural therapies, they were able to lower snoring levels in 5/6 people, but they didn’t say by how much. A recent placebo controlled study using throat sprays showed that it made no significant difference in sound intensity levels. This woman probably benefited more from avoiding alcohol, along with her diet and exercise regimen, than from the effects of the throat spray.


Superficially, this type of publicity about snoring may be a good thing, but by minimizing the dangers of possible underlying obstructive sleep apnea, it’s actually continuing the conventional stereotypes about snorers. Sadly, it’s perpetuating the perception that snoring is something to be laughed at. If you don’t know already, untreated sleep apnea significantly increases your chances of heart attack, stroke and death.


I wrote a letter to the editor of the the New York Times regarding noise violations in New York City and how if there’s a loud snorer that’s keeping you up at night,  instead of calling the police, you should call a doctor instead.


Do you know anyone that snores like a train, but family members and friends continue to laugh about it? Do you have an unusually loud snoring story? Tell me by placing your comments in the box below.


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One thought on “Woman Snores Louder Than A Jet Plane

  1. Snoring, in itself, is not the problem, but only a symptom of a potentially serious conditions caused by insufficient oxygen intake during sleep. If the upper airways obstruct, as during OSA, snoring at least allows some air to enter and leave the lungs.
    The effort, in my opinion, should not concentrate on reducing the symptom, snoring, but rather on reducing the resistance of the upper airways which will also reduce snoring.