Why Does Having Sinusitis Raise Your Risk of Stroke?

I’ve written before about my observation that almost 80% of patients with recurrent sinus symptoms after nasal or sinus surgery have obstructive sleep apnea. Here’s another study showing similar findings: Researchers in Taiwan found that people with acute sinusitis have a higher chance of having a stroke (hazards ratio of 1.39), whereas if you have chronic sinusitis, the HR is 1.34. Theses figures were adjusted for other potential stroke confounders and were statistically significant.

This is no surprise, since if you have obstructive sleep apnea, your risk of stroke increases about 2-3 times normal levels. This also explains the high incidence of nasal and sinus symptoms in people with obstructive sleep apnea.

If you’re  sleep apnea sufferer, do you also suffer from sinusitis?

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Having Sinusitis Raise Your Risk of Stroke?

  1. Wow, every single day I spent with sinusitis seems to astonish me even more than the previous. Initially the only thing that sinusitis is known for is plain congestion and difficulty to breath. But… A stroke is a new idea that really needs to be explored. This is the first article that has ever mentioned a stroke under the same breath as sinusitis…

  2. I had a stroke 8 yrs ago account of a hole in my heart.But also I’ve had sinus problems for yrs and nothing was really done about it,yah sure I got drugs for it but it always returned.Now with my sinus problem or acute sinusitis it doesn’t seem to go away with antibiotics.My forehead swells up and terrible headaches.I went to a specialist a few yrs back and he said come back in 10 years.I go to my family Dr on Friday and I will have to lay down the law and say enough is enough I want this resolved.Has anyone have any ideas?Thank you!