Which Comes First, Sleep Apnea or Stress?

Sleep apnea is a major cause of physiologic stress. External stress of any kind (especially the holiday season) only aggravates the internal, physiologic stress that I describe in people who don’t sleep well.

To help you better manage your stress this holiday season, I’ve invited Dr. Niloo Dardashti, an integrative psychologist and holistic healer for this month’s expert interview, and I hope you’ll dial in and join us.

During this free information-packed hour, you’ll learn:

– What’s the interaction between stress, sleep problems and heart disease?

– What are some techniques for quieting "inner chatter" when stress has its’ hold on us?

– How can I stop unwanted thoughts?

– Which comes first – the chicken or the egg – does lack of sleep cause stress, or does stress cause lack of sleep?

– How can stress be handled returning to work after holidays or vacations?

– What are Dr. Dardashti’s thoughts on ADHD, Adderall and stimulants, especially for someone who has both anxiety and sleep apnea?

– How can I quit smoking if I’m very stressed and exhausted?

– What’s the best way of controlling work related stress?

– How can one reduce stress during a very stressful situation, such as being stuck in a large crowd, for example?

– How can I deal with being short on cash?

Tuesday, December 15th, at 8PM Eastern.

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