The Most Overlooked Solution for Weight Loss





Discover the REAL reasons why most weight loss plans fail…

Dr. Park interviews Ms. Tara Marie Segundo who shares The Most Overlooked Solutions for Weight Loss.

Tara is an award winning Pro Natural Figure Competitor and a credentialed fitness authority who is a frequent contributor in several top health and fitness magazines, and is also the host of her own radio program, The Time Is Now on


During this 2 part interview, Tara reveals:

  • The #1 reason why most people can’t lose weight
  • Her proprietary 5 Key Success Principles for losing weight and keeping it off
  • How to strategically achieve your weight loss goals like the Pros do
  • How to lose weight without counting calories and depriving yourself


Buy your copy of the audio replay of this Expert Interview below:

Two 60 minute MP3 audio recordings for just $17




Start Breathing, Sleeping, and Living Better with Dr. Park’s Expert Interview Series!




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3 thoughts on “The Most Overlooked Solution for Weight Loss

  1. When I registered for today's "teleseminar" your site seemed to close before I had finished.  Am I registered?  Please check and let me know.  idm

  2. Looking forward to your presentation.  Rather than wait to find out…..  Do you have particular instructions for an iMac?  I have had experience with a CPAP – persevered over 2 years, only to discover, due to my own perseverance, that I do not need it as I have only four osa's/ hr.   My difficulty is shallow, slow breathing – of central origin, together with PLMS days 111 and night 122, i.e. fragmented sleep.  Have had success with PLMS by adding magnesium 1:2 to high calcium.  Keeping weight steady is important, at 80 one is necessarily not so active and carbs are necessary for better brain function! Tks. your helpful medhelp. idm