Want To Be A Rock Star? Sleep On It

If you're a Guitar Hero addict, sleep researchers at the American Professional Sleep Society 2010 meeting are saying that the more you sleep, the better your chances are at winning at this popular video game. Not too surprising, since getting better quality sleep can help with almost every aspect of your life. 

A similar study that was presented found similar levels of improvement with football players at Stanford University. This was also the same sleep team that found in previous years that tennis players that got more sleep had more power, were more accurate, and had more stamina than those that slept less.

Not to diminish the importance of these studies, but I guarantee that you'll see more and more of these type of studies in the future. 

What's improved in your personal or professional life every since you started sleeping better?

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One thought on “Want To Be A Rock Star? Sleep On It

  1. Hi, I am very afraid now, my son has sratted in December and took him to his pediatrician and he said he was congested and a little bit of wheezing, so we got an inhaler and it help a little but its been almost 2 months and he is still suffering from this, he stops breathing for about 4 to 5 seconds now and ithe inhaler medicine is not longer helping, I can;t wait for morning to come to schedule an appointment with a specialist. How are you doing now? how is your son?