Virtual Coaching With Dr. Park

Get personalized one-on-one attention through virtual coaching. If you can’t come to New York City, have a coaching session with Dr. Park via Skype, iChat, or even over a regular telephone line. Dr. Park will review your full medical history and any labs or test results before the coaching session. The investment for a 30 minute session is $459 (by PayPal only). The session will be recorded, and you’ll have unlimited email access to me for follow-up questions. 


I have to admit that I was nervous about whether I would get a good return on my investment for a coaching session with Dr. Park, but I am really glad I went ahead and took the plunge. Dr. Park contacted me immediately after the payment went through, and it was very easy to get all the answers I needed to set the session up with him. During the session, he was very clear, very responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. He allowed ample opportunity for me to ask all of the questions in my long list of questions, and he gave me very clear answers. My coaching session with Dr. Park has been well-worth every penny I invested, and the best part is that he will continue to be available for some follow-on coaching after I have obtained current sleep data (my last polysomnogram was a few years ago). I have finally obtained some much-needed clarity and an action plan for dealing with my apnea issues. Highly recommended! — Blake


I cannot even begin to express the clarity, empowerment and relief Dr. Park provided my husband and I during our video coaching session.  Before meeting Dr. Park, my husband and I had gone through several avenues over two years and could not figure out my husband’s problem.  Needless to say, we were both very scared and frustrated – none of my husband’s symptoms made any sense.  Even when he was finally diagnosed with UARS, it was difficult to understand the full picture of what this meant and what was the right approach.

I was very lucky to find Dr. Park’s fantastic article on UARS a couple of weeks after my husband’s diagnosis.  Dr. Park made time for me within days. WOW!  What a nice man who truly just wants to help – and he’s just brilliant with years of experience understanding the whole patient.  Dr. Park had studied my husband’s history and sleep study in detail before our session.  He explained all of my husband’s symptoms in an integrated way – it was the eureka moment for me after being in the dark for 2 years.  Dr. Park recommended a multi-prong game plan specific to my husband – hitting conservative lifestyle, acupuncture/yoga/breathing and nose treatment while working with my husband’s ENT & sleep doctor on an oral appliance, CPAP and septoplasty.  He explained that it was important to try all these aspects all at once so that my husband would experience improvements right away.

It’s been just two weeks and my husband is a new man.  30% of his symptoms have been resolved.  He’s eager to knock out the rest of Dr. Park’s game plan over the next two months.  It’s so wonderful to see my husband positive and excited to take control of his health.

If you have a diagnosis of sleep apnea or UARS, you have to schedule a video call with Dr. Park.  Like right now. –Rekha R., California


Sleep disordered breathing (OSA and UARS) is poorly understood, underdiagnosed/misdiagnosed, and can be difficult to treat. Dr. Steven Park’s website with written information, teleseminars, and his teleconsult/video coaching sessions is like a beacon in the darkness. I am so much better off because of the information he provides, and the teleconsult was invaluable for me for the task of sorting out my treatment options. I am a physician and have devoured all the information I could get my hands on, but there was no substitute for the one on one coaching I received in my teleconsult with Dr. Park. I might have chosen the wrong surgery for me without the opportunity to pick his brain regarding my individual issues, what is required to see improvement, and what each of the surgical options have been shown to do in terms of anatomy and to provide in terms of improvement in AHI. This then allowed me to be more knowledgable in choosing the right surgeon for me based on the procedure I had chosen, and for asking the right questions once I met with my surgeon.

I had listened to all the teleseminars but I didn’t really understand what I needed to until I had the chance to discuss the issues one on one with Dr. Park. He also helped me understand more about how I might be able to make PAP therapy work better for me. This level of attention is something you might not get from your local ENT doc, and it seems very few understand the issues in sleep disordered breathing the way Dr. Park does. I suspect he understands UARS better than the docs at Stanford, which is supposed to be the best in the world. I am very grateful for the teleconsult/video coaching service he offers and would highly recommend it for anyone who is having trouble with treatment of their sleep disordered breathing. – Deborah Wardly, MD


I have been visiting dozens of doctors during the past 5 years. My extreme fatigue was affecting my way of life. It only took 40 minutes during Dr. Park´s online coaching to direct me into the right path. He reviewed all of my labs, CT scans, mandibular X- rays and questions before our session. Most of the doctors I’ve seen in the past practice defensive medicine, and prefer to play it safe. Dr. Park showed immediate interest, his honest opinion is invaluable. He is full of knowledge and is dedicated to his patients.

When I first read about Dr Park I thought i had to travel back and fourth to NY, but I realized there´s no need to. He is the perfect link between my Sleep Doctor and my dentist. I feel safe knowing i can double check any doubts or downturns in my treatment. I will encourage everyone to read his book. You will learn the amount of work Dr. Park has invested in his research. By far the best Doctor i have ever met… via video chat, believe it or not! – Pablo Uribe


I want to thank Dr. Park for his coaching session.  I found Dr. Park to be insightful and thoughtful in his analysis of my sleep breathing issues.  I appreciate his all encompassing knowledge of UARS and sleep apnea.   – Matt L.


I have a history of unsuccessful treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. After following Dr. Park’s blog for a while and listening to many of his webcasts, I arranged a coaching session with him to discuss what treatment options I might consider beyond PAP therapy and an oral appliance.

I found Dr. Park to be friendly, fully present, and happy to answer my questions. He had no agenda; he left the focus of the session up to me. Dr. Park explained that my OSA is due to my anatomy (narrow jaws, large tongue), and then suggested several additional methods of treatment that I might investigate. I plan to pursue several of these options until I find one that is successful.

Although I have not yet implemented any of the treatment plans suggested by Dr. Park, I’m confident that he is more knowledgeable and reputable than most doctors I could consult in this field. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking advice on treatment for sleep apnea. – Douglas H.


In a 30 minute coaching session, Dr. Park was able to provide me with something that had eluded me for over 10 years: an explanation for my daytime fatigue, cold hands and feet, and other symptoms (UARS) and a practical approach for addressing this problem. Every previous time I had seen a medical professional for my symptoms, the same cycle played out: the tests were normal and I was told to get at least 7 hours of sleep, exercise, avoid caffeine past 3:00 p.m., etc. I had already been doing all of those things with no results. I often thought that this must all be in my head. On paper, I was a picture of health.
Dr. Park had already reviewed my medical records, including a sleep study, asked me pertinent questions and even looked in my mouth! He explained things in a friendly manner without condescension. I have already started to implement some of the changes that Dr. Park recommended. After feeling tired for so many years, it is refreshing to have a plan in place to achieve better health through improved breathing and sleep. – Paul B., Woodbury, Minnesota
Wow. I believe this is going to be the best investment I have ever made for my health. Doctor Park really made me feel heard and made 5 specific recommendations during our call. One of those was a change to my CPAP settings which I did last night. This morning I woke up to one of my best night’s sleep in months. I am more hopeful about my sleep than ever and can’t wait to implement the other four suggestions.
I thank God for you and your hard work to help people around the world sleep better.
THANK YOU! – Craig