Update On My Blue Light Screen Filter Experiment

I commented two weeks ago on how modern computer displays (particularly LED backlit monitors) emit a very high amount of blue light, which can be very stimulating. Any kind of light in the hours just before sleep can delay the circadian clock, as well as to suppress melatonin levels, which can delay sleep onset. I installed a program on my laptop called F.lux, which removes the blue tinge on my screen only in the evening hours. 

I’m happy to report that I’m able to fall asleep much earlier now. Overall, I’m feeling more refreshed when I wake up, and generally have more energy during the day.

If you have to work on your computer late in the night, try downloading and testing out this free and simple program. In this age of overstimulation and too many distractions, we can use any help that we can get. After using it for a few weeks, please report back to me your experiences. 

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8 thoughts on “Update On My Blue Light Screen Filter Experiment

  1. Thanks for the link. I always use my laptop before bedtime as I find surfing the net relaxing. I will try this!!

  2. Alternatively, there are glasses called ‘low blue light glasses’ developed by some PhD researchers that stimulate melatonin production by blocking ALL blue light when worn. Worth checking out.

  3. I downloaded f.lux a few months ago after someone posted the link on my facebook page. I work late on the computer and often had to take melatonin to fall asleep. I can’t remember needing melatonin for months now. F.lux must be working.

  4. I love to lay in bed and read from my iPad and iPhone. is there a blue light filter program for these devices?

  5. You neglected to consider an MORE damaging effect of the blue light emitted from computers, certain TV’s, cell phones, etc. It’s the well-known scientific fact that blue light heavily damages the cells of the macula. Think macular degeneration at younger and younger ages – all self-imposed through ignorance of the dangers of our technology.

    Please share more of what you know to educate everyone on this well kept horror. Thanks!