Understanding Your Sleep Study Report

Expert Interview with Dr. Anita Bhola

The sleep study report may look like a jumble of numbers and cryptic medical terms that’s impossible to decipher. However, with a bit of guidance from Dr. Anita Bhola, a board-certified sleep medicine physician in New York City, you’ll be able to understand the basics in how to read and interpret your sleep study.

During this information packed hour, you’ll learn:

• What your sleep study measures

• The difference between sleep efficiency and latency

• How apneas are different from hypopneas and how you’d measure this on

your sleep study

• How to tell if you may have obstructive and central sleep apnea  why knowing    this can help you and your doctor decide on the right course of treatment

• How to see the various sleep stages on your report and notice hypnograms

• Answers to most frequently asked questions regarding sleep studies

Buy your copy of this audio recording today, available in two easy-to-access formats:

MP3 audio recording, $17

PDF digital transcript, $7


MP3 recording + PDF transcript, $20

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