Tune Up Your Body With Craniosacral Therapy

By Gabriel Bobek, Guest Contributor

Slow down!… Stop running!… LISTEN! Is your body 
saying this to you? Living in a world of deadlines and 
cell phones there’s a good chance it is. This 
time-obsessed age pushes our nervous systems and bodies 
beyond healthy limits and the stress can aggravate or cause 
much illness.  
In the expanding field of alternative healthcare, 
CranioSacral Therapy is a modality that is foremost about 
listening. By listening and tuning into the ever present 
craniosacral rhythm, a therapist detects misalignment, 
restriction and/or obstruction and gently accesses the 
body’s internal corrective mechanisms.  
A “New” Kind of Body Rhythm 
CranioSacral Therapy is grounded in the osteopathic 
principle of the body as an integrated unit marvelously 
designed to heal itself and is based on the tiny ebb and 
flow of cerebrospinal fluid that supports the central 
nervous system. The bony cranial and vertebral cavities 
are lined with a tough waterproof membrane containing this 
glistening clear fluid within which the brain and spinal 
cord are suspended and protected. The small movement of 
the system can be compared to a water balloon that is 
squeezed very gently.  
Through rigorous scientific experiment Dr. John Upledger 
proved this rhythmic movement happens continuously just 
like our breathing and heartbeat. This rhythm can be 
detected anywhere on the body and listening to it reveals a 
wealth of information directly.  
For example, is the craniosacral rhythm of one leg more 
restricted than the other, and if so, where specifically?  
The rhythm is an accurate indicator of past and present 
conditions and can be accessed to promote freedom, release 
and recovery.  
CranioSacral Therapy is holistic, exceptionally gentle and 
safe. Unlike drug or other interventions there are no 
negative side effects.

As a CranioSacral Therapist I am keenly attuned to your 
process throughout the session, listening with my hands and 
helping you to tune into your whole system profoundly. By 
involving you in the process we expand awareness of your 
self-healing potential and engage mechanisms that may have 
been untapped.  
The Many Facets of Cranio Sacral Therapy 
It is fascinating that solutions often come in treating 
areas distant to the problem.  
One craniosacral therapy session can boost, rebalance and 
revitalize your nervous and immune system but can also 
treat a broad range of conditions including:  
• chronic neck & back pain  
• headaches & migraines  
• TMJ dysfunction  
• stress & tension  
• ear/eye/nerve conditions  
• chronic fatigue/sleep disorders 
• post-traumatic stress  
It’s recommended for pre & post surgery and has been shown 
to improve surgical recovery.  
As an example, I currently have a client with long standing 
Ménières Disease, a serious ear condition that includes 
ringing in the ears, vertigo and painful debilitating 
migraines. There’s been steady improvement with each 
session but it was upon releasing his sacrum at the other 
end of his spine that the most dramatic improvement 
occured. Since then his migraines and vertigo have stopped 
completely and he’s decreased his medication by half. 
Relax and Revive 
A CranioSacral session is received lying comfortably face 
up on a massage table in regular clothing and tends to be a 
very pleasant and deeply calming experience. Depending on 
the severity and type of condition a course of 3 to 5 
sessions produces results which indicate whether continued 
treatment is recommended.  
Newcomers to CranioSacral are often surprised by the 
gentleness of the touch but this is the therapy’s secret.  
By working below the body’s recoil response profound change 
is coaxed from the inside out. The results come in gentle 
waves over time and may be noticed immediately, the next 
morning or even days after a session, subtly yet deeply 
supporting healing and building momentum towards well 
CranioSacral Therapy is an excellent complement to 
traditional Western medicine—enhancing and integrating its 
benefits. It is also a great way to reduce stress and 
recharge our batteries.  
Let’s slow down and tune in to the sounds within us – the 
answers are there for those who listen.  
* * * 
Gabriel Bobek has been practicing CranioSacral Therapy 
since 1995 and is a licensed NY State massage therapist 
with national certification. If you would like to 
experience a session in his spacious sunlit midtown studio, 
mention this article and receive a discounted price of $70 
for an hour session. For further information visit  
www.backboneandwingspan.com and click on CranioSacral, his 
biopage or call him directly at (646)-334-1366. 

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