Throat Pain With Period Flu — What Can I Do?

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👉 7 More Ways To Eliminate Throat Pain Before Periods


Symptoms of the flu or throat pain around the time of a woman’s period is a common condition that many women complain to their doctors about, with little help beside bed rest and common cold remedies.

In this video, I’m going to explain why you experience these symptoms, and what you can do to reduce or eliminate these problems, as well as to improve your sleep quality, energy levels and ability to enjoy life again.

✅ Video Timeline 

00:00 Introduction

02:04 It’s hormone-related, but not what experts think

02:23 Progesterone’s effect on breathing

02:55 Progesterone’s effect on throat muscle tone

03:30 Cholesterol as the precursor to sex hormones

03:48 Menstrual cycle hormone diagram explanation

04:38 How poor breathing leads to period flu and throat pain

05:44 Why women are lighter sleepers compared with men

06:16 How obstructed breathing causes acid reflux

07:02 Other irritating factors in throat besides acid

07:13 Why anti-reflux medications don’t work

07:32 Known complications of proton pump inhibitors

08:00 Micro-arousals with sleep fragmentation causing stress response

08:40 Nighttime urination

08:56 What causes night sweats

09:20 Endocrine disruptors from toxins causing estrogen dominance

09:59 7 Steps to get rid of your throat pain

10:05 – Don’t eat within 3-4 hours of bedtime

10:13 – Raise top of bed by 3-4 inches

10:23 – Avoid electronic screens 2-3 hours before bed

10:48 – Don’t sleep on your back

11:02 – Cut down sugar and carbs intake dramatically

11:10 – Have vinegar, fermented foods, or something acidic with each meal

11:22 – Change out all toxic personal care and cleaning products

11:55 How to get 7 more powerful tips

12:04 Conclusion


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