This “Silent” Sleep Problem Stumps Even Some Doctors

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Doctor is stumped

Are doctors stumped by your health problems? Do you suffer from severe chronic fatigue, poor sleep, headaches, anxiety, chronic pain, cold hands, headaches, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, or all of the above? Are all your tests coming back normal, including your sleep study?

Click here to read my my eye-opening article about Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) on Bottom Line Health.

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2 thoughts on “This “Silent” Sleep Problem Stumps Even Some Doctors

  1. 38, severe chronic fatigue; poor sleep; anxiety; cold hands; digestive problems.

    3 sleep studies, 10 years of chasing specialists.

    No snoring, normal BMI, narrow maxilla, severe perennial allergic rhinitis from dust mites. Deviated septum and largest middle turbinate “ever seen” by two ENTs.

    First sleep study positive for primary PLMD (20 arousals/h) and mild SRBD (4 arousals/h).

    2nd and 3rd sleep studies negative for any sleep disorder.

    Therapies tried but ineffective: MAD, Pramipexole, EPAP.

    Effective: Clonazepam (for a few months at least)
    Allergy desensitisation shots (relapsed 2 years after treatment but restarting soon).

  2. My sleep doctor confirmed that I have UARS, but says that since insurance does not cover UARS the way it does sleep apnea, I’m pretty much on my own in terms of treatment.