The Pinkberry Factor

My younger son, Devin, wanted some ice cream after lunch, so we stopped by a local ice cream and snack store. On the way out, the the owner wanted us to taste their new frozen yogurt. He gave us a very large sample, and we were pleasantly surprised. My first impression was that it tasted very similar to the popular Pinkberry brand, which we like very much. But there was something missing. It wasn’t Pinkberry.

If you’ve experienced Pinkberry, you know what I’m talking about. Yes, their yogurt is good, but their experiences is unique. From the initial ambience and music to the smile and obviously scripted greeting where they call you by your first name, the entire experience is what makes it so satisfying. Other companies that understand this include Apple and Disneyland. 

This concept should be applied in healthcare as well. Seeing the best doctor is like your typical good frozen yogurt. But what really promotes true healing is the entire experience from the first phone call to the greeting as you leave the office. It’s the support staff that sets up the patient so that the doctor can spend quality time with the patient and provide the best possible care. 

Most doctors are still stuck 50 years back thinking that all you need to do is to provide good medical care. But back then you didn’t have all the nonsense and third party issues that prevented you from benefitting from your optimal medical care. We can learn a lot from other industries and companies that know something about customer service and just plain common courtesy. 

Have you ever experienced a memorable visit to a doctor’s office? 

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