These testimonials apply to Dr. Park at his former West Side ENT practice up until 8/30/11. Results may vary.

Rave Reviews About…

About Our Office

Dr. Park and his staff not only provide professional, caring, and timely service, but also provide follow-up care that is very impressive in today’s medical industry. The staff is efficient and approachable. Dr. Park’s standard of excellence creates a level of confidence in his patient and I would highly recommend him and West Side ENT. –Luis R

My visits to Dr. Park’s office and my whole experience of being a patient of West Side ENT is have been absolutely excellent. Everything from pre-filling registration and medical forms online, before the appointment, to Dr. Park’s 24/7 availability is amazing! Other doctors have a lot to learn from Dr. Park and how he manages his practice. I really appreciate it. –Rina K.

Visiting Dr. Park’s office is consistently the best doctors visit I have in New York. My appointments take place on time. The staff is pleasant, and the waiting room was furnished in this decade. Add to that a likable doctor and you can’t beat the experience. It is more like coming to a spa appointment. — Larissa Kosmos

I must tell you that your staff is excellent. Adrienne was very kind to me, and patiently answered all my questions. Your staff worked with me to ensure that I would be seen by you, even though I requested an appointment on such short notice. – Jessica G.

If I have any questions, I call Dr. Park’s office and the staff is very helpful and efficient.They find out the information and call me back right away. — Cristina Dee

I came to Dr. Park’s office at the recommendation of another doctor. The office facility is clean, organized and comfortable…A total communication of “caring-sharing” professionalism. — Lawrence Roston

The reception staff was courteous and kind and I like the attractiveness of the office and environment (i.e. music, colors…).        — Elizabeth M.

This is the best doctor’s office I have ever been to…They go beyond all expectations. — Caroline Norris

I saw Dr. Park for a routine check-up and found the staff pleasant and professional. I also like the convenient location. — Roger Anderson

The staff at West Side ENT should be commended. They all were extremely sensitive to my concerns and about my treatment. They were also outstanding advocates when I was having difficulties with my insurance company. –Allen Kam

I saw Dr. Park for wax removal. The office atmosphere was pleasant and very warm. They were courteous from the moment I walked in to sending me the patient registration via e-mail prior to the visit. The visit was expeditious.  — John A.

There were smiles from the moment I came in. The practice was wonderful—very personal and attentive service. — Rachel Langley

I saw Dr. Park for my fatigue, and sleep disruption. The practice is EXTRAORDINARY! As a former cancer patient, I’ve been to lots of doctors. This is the most well run office I’ve ever seen. I was happy with their e-mailing forms in advance, and being on time… — Irene Burns

…staff is quite impressive, on the phone and in person. They’re organized, efficient, and friendly. The practice is excellent overall. — Robert B.

My daughter hates to go to the doctor but your staff made her so comfortable that she did not complain once. We are very happy with the courteous and efficient service provided to us. Everyone is helpful, and nice to deal with. I will recommend friends. — Lesha Harmon

I have been extremely satisfied with their office. The staff is friendly, patient and knowledgeable. I have referred two of my students to Dr. Park. — Carol P.

The staff was very courteous and professional. Made us feel welcome and comfortable.More offices should have staff like this!! I’m overly satisfied with their services. — Jose Jimene

Women at the front desk were unbelievably polite and friendly on the phone and in person. A pleasure to deal with. — Victoria B.The entire staff is a joy! They are extremely competent, friendly and sincere. I would recommend anyone (and I have) to come and be blessed by your practice!! — Ellie Hoch

My experience has been wonderful since the 1st phone call. The receptionists are even more delightful in person than they were on the phone. — Jennifer Albans

Thank you very much for your most exceptional and outstanding services! I feel that I am truly privileged to have both such and excellent physician and most attentive staff during my visit. With every best wish for you and your continued good health and success. — William K.

This is the most welcome I’ve ever felt in a doctor’s office. I often feel nervous and out of place in a doctors office, but not here. The staff is warm and helpful. I felt totally comfortable. — Mario Hyacinth

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to come to your office. The staff are friendly and professional, and Dr. Park is smart and really takes time to explain everything. The office space is always pleasant and inviting. What a difference these things make!   — Nicole M.

Unparalleled excellence is the kind of care and attention I received during my visit to West Side ENT. The staff far exceeded all expectations of courtesy and attention towards their patients! — Nancy K.

Dr. Park’s medical practice is the best I have ever experienced. I was treated like a person with individual needs and concerns, not just another patient. Dr. Park and his staff are outstanding. — David Z.

My experience was great! The place is spotless; the staff is polite, efficient and professional. — Yi S.

Dr. Park’s office was great. I loved how easy it is to get an appointment as well as how automated the whole process is. — Homa S.

Everyone in Dr. Park’s office is very pleasant and reassuring. I urge you or your friends to make an appointment if you or any if you or any of your friends have any ENT issues! — Donna Welensky

Adrienne and Cynthia were warm, professional, and competent. Dr. Park was also warm, professional, and extremely knowledgable and willing to answer any of my questions. I was very impressed with the office and staff. Thank you for making my visit so pleasant.I would not hesitate to recommend you to any one seeking care in this area. — Sandra C.

Dr. Park, thank you for everything, from the moment I came in here to the moment I left, I only experienced the best care and service. You guys are truly running a great practice. — Shawn D.

Dr. Park’s staff members are both helpful and extremely polite. I actually enjoyed my visit to his office. This is not something I can say of many past doctors’ visits. I highly recommend Dr. Park, as I already have done to handful of my friends. –Thomas M.

Dr. Park’s office and staff have made me feel at ease when going to the doctor. I am happy to tell all my friends about Dr. Park and his excellent staff. –Sam S. Goldstein

I have never been so impressed during a doctor’s visit. Revolutionary! –Christine S.

Most efficient and friendly service around. We would not go to any other doctor’s office; they truly are the best team. –Kim & Carl Shiraishi

From the moment I spoke on the phone to make an appointment with Dr. Park, everyone in the office was so pleasant and helpful. It is not like that in most other doctors’ offices. –Suzanne G.


About Dr. Park

Dr. Steven Park is an excellent doctor and more importantly a surgeon who is up to date on all types of surgery involved with sleep apnea. My sleep apnea journey has involved three physicians over three years time. I was lucky enough to finally find Dr. Park. If you are dealing with sleep apnea I would ask your current ENT if he is familiar with the following three procedures:     1.    UPPP using the coblation technique     2.    Hyoid Myotomy     3.    Repose Suture tongue base suspension     I am very confident that your ENT will not be familiar with all three procedures. I would then thank him for his time and grab your records and immediately make an appointment with Dr. Park. A combination of 1,2 or 3 out of the above can cure your sleep apnea! Why would you go to an ENT that can’t perform all three procedures?     On top of Dr. Park’s obvious surgical skill he took the time to answer all my questions and even had time for my emails. I have never encountered a doctor who would answer email!  After my surgery (without complications) he visited me the next day and followed up with a personal phone call.  I was impressed.     I have recommended Dr. Park to all my friends suffering from sleep apnea as well all my colleagues at work.  If you think you are stuck with CPAP for the rest or your life you should contact Dr. Park.  It will be a life changing experience. — Peter Renehan

After a year of chronic sinus infection I came to Dr. Park and he advised me to change my stressful lifestyle, in addition to prescribing me just one medication to help me on my way to a better life. Thankfully, I took his advice seriously and changed many of my bad habits (working too much, sleeping too little, and eating late at night) and as of today I have not had a sinus infection or cold in over a year. Thank you Dr. Park! — Stacy Abreu

Dr. Park answered all of my questions and also went to the point of origin of my problems. That to me is life saving! He let me know that I have a sleep disorder and explained every detail of my condition, from how it started to how it is treated. I would highly recommend Dr. Park to anyone who want to not only sleep better, but have a brand new life! — Jong Oh Won

Dr. Park is unlike any doctor I’ve seen. He is an extraordinary listener and left me feeling completely heard and understood. That is a wonderful feeling, something patients rarely experience with their “medical providers”, who hardly make eye contact, barely pay attention to what they’re saying, or contradict them and make them feel stupid. Dr. Park exudes an aura of “healing” which I picked up on in a previous visit before we even started talking about my sleep problem. He has an ease about him that made me feel relaxed and comfortable talking about my problem. I was also very impressed with the technology he uses. –Lynda Engstrom

Dr. Park’s diagnosis of my laryngo-pharyngea acid reflux changed my life. For someone who is 30 and eats relatively on the healthy side, but eats chocolate cookies and French fries here and there, I never thought it would escalate to acid reflux. Nevertheless I was suffering immensely.

Dr. Park said that my case wasn’t severe enough to start on medication and he was confident that I could beat it by modifying my diet. He gave me some pamphlets with a list of foods I should reduce from my diet. As a singer, this was seriously affecting my voice and my entire life. So instead of reducing those foods from my diet, I omitted them.

I quickly became active by doing some serious research online and purchased two books entitled “The PH miracle” and “The Acid/Alkaline diet. I completely changed my diet and my way of life. It was extremely hard at first but quickly felt results within a week. I made sure that I gave myself enough time to digest my food before going to bed. I learned to eat slower and many small meals throughout the day. My meals always include greens and I mean ALWAYS. Even for breakfast sometimes. I lost almost 20 lbs and I feel amazing!

The overall quality of my life is 180% better! I have everlasting energy that is not dependent on coffee or sweets and I have my high notes again. I’m eternally grateful for Dr. Park’s advice and I recommend him to anyone who needs an ENT.       Thank you Dr. Park! –Michelle Manzo

From the moment that I first entered Dr. Park’s office, I knew that this was no ordinary medical practice; this place was different.  Not only was the staff exceptionally polite and professional, but they really seemed to enjoy working there.  The overall vibe was very “next generation”.

I originally visited Dr. Park about a recurring sinus headache problem that had plagued me for years.  I had consulted at least six or seven other doctors, among various specialties.  Dr. Park pinpointed the likely cause and a suggested course of treatment, and was the first of many to actually solve the problem.

After discussing my health history over the course of several visits, Dr. Park came to suspect that I might be suffering from sleep apnea.  I had never heard of sleep apnea, but certainly many associated symptoms were present.  These suspicions were proven correct by a handful of sleep studies.

As I understand it, as compared to other areas of medicine, the study of sleep apnea is murky and ever-evolving, with serious disagreements as between respected ENT surgeons and other physicians nationwide as to treatment options.  In discussing his recommendations, Dr. Park explained the current state of research in the field in a clear and concise manner that reduced the murkiness to a layperson’s level.  He was remarkably comprehensive and quite patient in making sure that I understood everything.

When I wavered several times in choosing among various surgical options, Dr. Park spent a great deal of time with me, going above and beyond what anyone would normally expect from their doctor.  It demonstrated that he really does care about his patients and can relate to what they’re going through.

Too many doctors ask patients to reflexively and blindly accept quick recommendations without stopping to consider whether those patients are as informed as possible (and comfortable about that level of information).  Clearly, Dr. Park thinks differently.

I’ve never been spontaneously motivated to tell everyone that I know about a doctor, but that’s what I’ve found myself doing lately.  I very highly recommend Dr. Park.  –Andrew K.

When I made an appointment to see Dr. Park I had been suffering from a loss of smell and taste that had resulted in several months earlier from a severe sinus infection. Steroidal nasal sprays and oral steroids had not helped in any material way. An ENT specialist at the medical group where I have my GP was suggesting surgery for a deviated septum.

Dr. Park explained a connection to me between my smell/taste impairment and a recent shoulder injury, middle-aged weight gain, and a lack of energy during the day. After examination, he indicated I was at risk for sleep apnea and acid reflux. His recommendation for a treatment regimen was surprisingly simple: don’t eat dinner or drink alcohol less than two or three hours before bed, get more exercise, and get more sleep. I appreciated the time he took to explain the connections, and thought these were all worthwhile objectives but was skeptical of their impact on my sensory problem. I was stuck on an apparent causal relationship between my sinus infection and my loss of taste and smell and not the bigger picture he was talking about.

I adopted a program, and while I made more progress on some objectives than others, I started to realize the benefits within two months. Most importantly, my sense of smell and taste began to recover; in addition, I began to lose weight, felt I was getting deeper sleep and was more refreshed in the morning. I have continued with these lifestyle changes for a total of about six months and am now back to about 95% of my previous level of smell and taste acuity. The program has now become part of my regular program and hope the improvements become permanent as a result. I am impressed with the success of Dr. Park’s holistic approach and the contrast to the traditional approach of taking medicine or undergoing surgery first. I would happily recommend Dr. Park to others. –David B.

I came back to Dr. Park’s office today, even without insurance coverage for a variety of reasons: 1. Dr. Park’s staff is friendly, efficient, professional, and very accommodating. I am most impressed with his superb staff. 2. Dr. Park, unlike most practitioners, takes ample time with his patients. He explains things clearly and at length. He even makes personal phone calls to follow up with me! 3. I appreciate his holistic approach to problems. He is obviously very knowledgeable in medicine, but also has a keen interest in the whole person. By far, Dr. Park and his staff represent the most positive medical consultation experience I have had to date. –Mauricio C.

I was having a difficult time talking at length and presenting publicly because my voice would give out and/or I constantly expelled a lot of mucus. I consulted many ENTs, some of whom appeared in Top Doctors in the Northeast, without any lasting success before finding Dr. Park. Dr. Park’s comprehensive examination and careful explanation have changed my life. I am sleeping better, have no mucus, and am regaining my voice prowess. All this is happening with a minimum of medication and no treatment demands interfering with my daily routine. Also, Dr. Park’s prophylactic advice has allowed me to finally enjoy the spring without symptoms of hayfever. –Donald Ralph, Esq.

Dr. Park is extremely knowledgeable and informative. He takes great care in explaining medical conditions thoroughly so that patients without medical backgrounds can comprehensively understand. I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Park to friends and family. –Nancy K.

The massage chair was a unique touch and an unexpected stress relief. But it was Dr. Park himself that was so different from other doctors: truly listening to and addressing my concerns without writing them off or placating me, taking the time to explore all possible options regarding the nature of my visit, I left the office with awareness and the knowledge of how to achieve and maintain health. In addition, what separates Dr. Park is the follow-ups, the newsletters, and the surveys. Best Wishes! –C.Y.

The doctor phoned me HIMSELF to check how I felt on the evening following my surgery earlier that day. – Wade Smith

Dr. Park spent a lot of time asking good questions and getting to know me…. – Lawrence W.

Dr. Park took his time explaining everything…He gave me peace of mind. – Mihaela Mastei

I saw Dr. Park for my laryngitis….He is very friendly and informed and willing to take the time. If his diagnosis of sleep apnea is right, this may be the cause of my problems of 20 years standing and I may be able to help my family members who are suffering from this same problem. – Kay C.

I value not only Dr. Park’s prompt and effective advice and treatment but also his preventative advice.  – Roger Anderson

I value Dr. Park’s experience as an ENT doctor and I am grateful to find someone as talented as him. – Sherzetta Spencer

I saw Dr. Park for my probable sinusitis. Dr. Park took a genuine interest in my condition and took his time (didn’t rush me out). He was also very knowledgeable and available when I needed to speak with him on the phone. – Hope Bernstein

I saw Dr. Park for my sinus problems. Dr. Park was very helpful and understanding of my concerns. – Rachel Langley

Dr. Park was clear and concise in his evaluation and very gentle and informative about what he was doing. – Karen Beattie

I value Dr. Park’s being able to see the “other” health problems as links in the same chain—namely high blood pressure, my acid reflux, my allergies… – Irene Burns

The course of treatment on my vocal cords will give me back my High C! For opera singers, it is imperative to have a great ENT team, I have one here at West Side ENT. Grazie!! – Rosario Castronovo

The Doctor is current and does his homework. Asked about my family history (which every doctor should do, but in reality, many don’t) and is PASSIONATE about his work. This passion inspires confidence in the patient (me) and takes a potentially scary undertaking and makes it manageable. He listened to me but more importantly, Dr. Park heard me and answered all my questions. Thank you. – Ilyse G.

My very first visit to West Side ENT under the very capable and competent hands of Dr. Park was both enlightening and rewarding. A condition I’ve suffered with since my teen years will finally be addressed and resolved. – Ellen Williams

I became Dr. Park’s patient at the recommendation of a friend for my persistent sore throat. Dr. Park was very patient, explained things well, answered questions, etc. He seems to be on top of his game. – John Keller

Awesome competent Doctor! A+. – Carsten Kelm

Dr. Park is a friendly and soft-spoken person. If I have a question I always feel free to ask him. And he’ll explain to you very clearly. He will follow up with the patient and ask them if everything is okay after surgery. Dr Park is a person you will feel very comfortable and confident in him. – Cristina Dee

After the use of the medication prescribed by Dr. Park it was like almost instant relief. I thank him immensely. – P.C.G.

Thank you Dr. Park. It’s both an honor and pleasure to be able to express my gratitude. – Steven Gil

Dr. Park is an excellent Doctor. He takes time to explain every step of the consultation and procedures! Excellent!! – Jose Jimenez

Besides breathing better than I have in years, Dr. Park helped me when I had no insurance and was very sick. He gave me samples when I could not afford them so I could get well. He is truly merciful and gracious. – Ellie Hoch

I saw Dr. Park for my sinus pain, pressure and chronic post nasal drip. I wasn’t rushed and appreciated being educated about my condition. – Pamela T.

From my first visit, I could tell Dr. Park was a great doctor because he spent a lot of time with me to clearly explain about sleep apnea, cutting edge treatments and current research. He was also patient as I bombarded him with questions—always treating me like an intelligent individual rather than “just another patient”. – Allen Kam

Dr. Park was knowledgeable and explained my problem in a very understandable manner. He explained the medication he was prescribing and what to expect while using them. Overall a very good experience and absolutely someone I will refer others to. — Claudia Smith

I value not only Dr. Park’s prompt and effective advice and treatment but also his preventative advice. — Roger Anderson

Dr. Park was very informative and understanding when it comes to the patient. — Andrew Lopez

Dr. Park’s patient to doctor rapport is exemplary with genuine concern for the health and well-being of his patients. — Nancy K.

Dr. Park has worked to cultivate a personal relationship with my wife and myself. In a world where the Dr./patient relationship is extinct Dr. Park and his staff revive that relationship and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Park and his staff are outstanding. — Dave Z.

Dr. Steven is very experienced and knows what he was talking about. I found him also extremely nice and patient, unlike most other doctors in New York who are either “too busy to care about you” or just trying to rip you off. — Yi S.

After seeing several doctors it was very comforting to find Dr. Park. He was thorough in his examination and clear in his explanation of my condition. Its very nice to find a doctor that takes the time to listen closely to his patients concerns and address them all completely. Thanks Dr. Park! — John P.

My ears are my livelihood! When I walked into Dr. Park’s office I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. After my visit, I am better than ever and I want to thank Dr. Steven Park and his lovely front office for restoring my hearing and making this doctor’s visit a pleasure in his beautiful new spa like suite! — Alix Redmonde

Dr. Park- Thank you so much for your excellent care of Brandon Kerns. We felt like you truly cared and did everything possible for him during his recent illness. Thanks to your care, we were able to enjoy our vacation and get back to our normal routine. He is doing very well and feels great. God Bless You! — Linda Norris

Dr. Park was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and informative. — Barbara C.

When Dr. Park prescribed Imitrex for a sinus migraine, I was very skeptical. I’ve never had a migraine in my life, it was amazing, one pill removed all my symptoms. — Kathryn Kalaijian

Dr. Park went beyond my initial reason for the visit. He asked me a lot of questions to try to figure out the cause of other problems I was experiencing. He’s very knowledgable, warm, and caring. He seems to be an expert in his field. — Irene R.

Dr. Park was very thorough with my ear, nose, and throat exam. He helped me really understand why I was feeling clogged in my ears and the reasons behind me being tired. It was fluid in the nose area that caused the clogged feeling, not earwax. I have a slight case of acid reflux, which causes me to not get a proper night’s sleep. He told me about some ways for me to change my daily habits to improve my conditions, versus prescribing medication.  — Devika Kapur

My visit with Dr. Park was very informative and precise. He gave me peace of mind about a lot of worries that I had. Thank You! –Stacey Abreu

Doctor Park really listened to me. He took the time to figure out what the real cause of my symptoms was. Thank you Dr. Park!   –Matthew P.

My visit to Dr. Park and his office was the best I have ever experienced in a medical setting. I am a 51-year-old businessman who has seen several ENT specialists over the years, I found Dr. Park to be the most knowledgeable and helpful, while also having a wonderful bedside manner. He took the time to explain, in terms that I easily understood, what he found and recommended for treatment. –Thomas M.

I am happy to say that I am completely satisfied with the treatment received from Dr. Park. He is the best doctor that I have seen to date (and I am 82!). –Sam S. Goldstein

Dr. Park was very thorough with helping me solve my hearing problem. My visit was a great experience. The staff was very friendly and welcoming as was Dr. Park. The massage chair was a great touch. –Karla Morante

My visit was a good experience all around. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get an appointment. The staff was very professional and friendly. Dr. Park was thorough and patient, explaining not only the details of my case, but also giving me important context by showing how the evolution of the human head could explain my circumstances. I would highly recommend him. –Grant Neely

I made an appointment with Dr. Park to have my ears cleaned. Instead of cleaning them and wasting my time and money, Dr. Park was honest enough to tell me that it wasn’t a necessity because they were fine. Dr. Park was also was kind, knowledgeable, and very efficient. I was able to get back to my office on time. The staff was very friendly as well and I really appreciated it. Thank you very much Dr. Park. –Sherri C.

Dr. Park is exceptionally knowledgeable and a phenomenally multi-skilled, multi-talented physician. I recommend him very highly and with no reservations to anyone with ear, nose, and/or throat problems. –Vasiliki Kritsonis-Kolla

Dr. Park delivers excellent and friendly service, takes good care of his patients during and after the visit, and is very thoughtful and helpful in explaining the symptoms in a very clear manner. It is also easy to get in touch and follow up with Dr. Park. My visit was the best experience I have ever had visiting a doctor in New York City. Patients feel at ease while visiting Dr. Park and there is a peace of mind that we will be taken care of and responded to in a timely manner. Thanks and keep it up! –Preeti S.


About Surgery With Dr. Park

Hi Dr. Park,

Hope you had a great holiday season – that sounded like quite a storm hit the area.

Per your request I just wanted to report back on my post-op condition, about which I couldn’t be happier. As a result of your knowledge, teaching ability and surgical expertise, the sleep apnea seems to be GONE. Thanks so much for such a great job and wonderful outcome.

Here are some details:

*Palate is still healing (not painful). White, ablated patch is still visible. No more snoring detected by me.

*A couple of days ago, I still noticed that I couldn’t drop off to sleep while sitting in a chair. However, this time not due to choking – more of a feeling of drainage going down the throat and needing to clear my throat. (This may change, as I notice considerable reduction in swelling, and easier swallowing, since this morning).

*Sound, restful sleep at night, with hardly a change in sleep position. Sometimes find that I’ve been sleeping on my back! Natural awakening after about 8 hours.

*No awakening to urinate, and no excessive urine in the morning, either.

*Longer dreams which can often be recalled upon waking.

*Almost afraid to list this one – apparent complete resolution of the irritable bowel syndrome which has been worsening, and resistant to all treatments, for the last 20 years. Imagine what the ability to properly digest the good nutrition I’m now eating, along with normalization of hormonal balance, will do for my health.

* BPH and urinary problems seem to be improved since the catheterizations and antibiotics, coupled with the new eating plan. I’ll have another PSA test soon.

*External swelling of throat decreasing daily. Hoarse voice disappeared this morning.

*Swallowing much easier. Could swallow okay from the day after surgery, but the hyoid was trying to find its new position and sometimes would seem to catch on something and then jerk into place as I swallowed. That seems to be gone this morning.

*Weight is down about 13 pounds, and staying down with the good food and, no doubt, the improved metabolic balance of the sympathetic nervous system.

*Blood pressure and heart rate normal.

I’d predict that this will be the end of kidney stones and cholesterol problems as well. Please allow me to act as a reference for any prospective patients – I’d be happy to do it.

Thanks again, Dr. Park. Please keep in touch. –John

Dr. Park’s septoplasty and turbinectomy turned out to be the perfect cure to my problems. Now, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in a very long time.The whole process wasn’t a major hassle, unlike surgeries can be with other doctors. My surgery went by with very little discomfort for me and I am very glad I went through with it. –Anthony Crisafuli

I brought my daughter to see Dr. Park a while back at the suggestion of my primary care physician. Since then I’ve been very pleased at how nice all of the office staff has been especially how effortlessly the office handled everything-from scheduling the sleep study to booking surgery. I’m also pleased at how quickly my daughter recovered after her adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. I was a bit worried because my other family members who have had their tonsils removed by other physicians had experienced extensive recovery times. But my daughter was feeling fine and drinking and eating well in no time. – Christal Mason

I am thankful that you have taken a keen interest in diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, allowing your patients a much greater chance at achieving a cure or treatment he/she can comply with and be happy about. I have discussed this with many physicians in the NY area and it is not rare for many to ask what this (UPPP using the coblation technique) is!

Following a few weeks of healing and the swelling was eliminated, I began to feel an immediate difference in my energy levels and wakefulness. I no longer feel exhausted halfway through the day and needing a nap right after lunch. Also, I can’t make a snoring noise even if I try. – A.D.

Since the very successful operation… I’ll have two hours more of my life every evening and night, more energy during the whole day, especially for more activities such as reading, watching movies and driving. – Jarret Schecter

There is a strong sense of concern for my well being not only from Dr. Park, but his staff, as well. I had a procedure on my nose that has helped me breathe clearly as never was the case before. The results are better than I could have imagined. – Etienne Bernstein

During my hospital stay and recovery period, Dr. Park was extremely attentive and I always felt he was accessible and highly competent. – Allen Kam

My daughter Lillian needed ear tubes…The process and procedure went smoothly and successfully. – Sarah W.

Amazing Experience. No pain until second week and ever so slight. The most amazing part of Amanda’s recovery is she stopped snoring and tossing the same week of surgery. She’s gone from waking up 8 times a night to once or none. Thank you. Thank you. – Amanda B.

I became Dr. Park’s patient about two years ago. Since having a septoplasty and turbinectomy has improved my breathing and decreased the frequency of my sinus infections. – Carol P.

I’m dizzy now from all the oxygen going through my nose. Pain? What pain? Thank you Dr. Park and the awesome staff who made my life better in every way. — Ilyse G

I am writing to say thank you to you and your entire staff. The care that my son, Justin Solak, experienced from you is the best I have ever seen from a doctor. From the beginning you listened to our concerns, gently elicited answers from a teenager and kept us informed through the process of a sleep study and subsequent surgery. Your care and concern (besides the fantastic care you showed Justin) are what truly make you such a great doctor. Almost immediately after the surgery Justin was waking up in the morning feeling more refreshed and was not as hyper or sleepy as he used to be. Adrienne in your office was so supportive and never tired of answering my many pre-surgery questions – thank you! All members of your staff have always been kind, patient and helpful. Thanks again. — Vera Bullock

Dr. Park has truly given me a gift.  I’ve been able to breathe much better as a result of the surgery, and the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically.  I would highly recommend Dr. Park to any of my friends – he is extremely knowledgeable, personable, responsive, and professional.  His staff is also among the most courteous and friendly I have ever encountered. Thanks for a great experience, and of course, great results! — Watcharatorn Chookhare

To put it simply, Dr. Steven Park is an excellent physician and surgeon, ENT or otherwise.  From the initial consultation on my obstructive sleep apnea, to discussion all available options, to pre-operative preparation, to the operation itself, post-op, etc. and to follow-up appointments, even over 1 year after the operation, his skill, expertise, care, and concern for the patient is obvious, and in my experience, unparalleled.  He and his staff were always available to answer any question or address any concern (particularly immediately before and after surgery, which can be the most stressful for the patient and their families), and operate a well-run, friendly, and professional practice that other doctors in the city should use as a model for their practices.  I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Park to many friends, colleagues, and even to strangers! Or to anyone who mentions or asks about an ENT doctor recommendation or ENT issues, and all have had equally good things to say about Dr. Park.  I am grateful that I was referred to Dr. Park for my sleep apnea two years ago, and am thankful for everything that he has done for me — truly life-changing. –Phillip M. Meyer

Sleep apnea has a way of creeping up on you. I had no idea that my sleeping problems could be fixed. I tried everything from changing mattresses to sleeping pills to stress therapy. Your newsletter pointed out to me that there was help for my condition. Dr. Park was very patient and explained each step of the UUUP surgery. I remember waking up after the surgery and realizing it took much less effort to breathe. I am now ten months past the surgery and can sleep much more soundly and wake up refreshed. Thanks again for all your help. –Eric Ramme

Doctor Steven Park has been exceptional in identifying my obstructive nasal condition and counseling me through the process of undergoing septoplastic surgery. I was hesitant at first, but through a sleep study analysis and educational conversation, I was glad to have chosen to undergo surgery. I became much better when I exercise and I am getting the best sleep of my life. West Side ENT was able to deal effectively with some bumps that came up with my insurance coverage, and was extremely accommodating at every office visit. I highly recommend Dr. Steven Park and the West Side ENT Group if you are looking to improve your lifestyle. –Albert Cheung


About Dr. Park With Letters

Dear Dr. Park,

Lately, I had enough experience with doctors to appreciate the difference. Most doctors are totally impersonal and make you feel that time is money. That is why I learned not to take anything for granted and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your generousness and personal attention. You were most helpful to me. Kindest Regards, Harriet Appleman

For many years I have struggled with recurring sinus problems. I seemed plagued by constant congestion and sinus infections. Imagine my surprise when, after recently seeking your help for my problem, you indicated my trouble might be associated with acid reflux and sleep apnea? I must say there was a measure of disbelief, but for a long time it seemed that no matter how many hours of sleep I got, I was always tired. Exhausted in fact. I had grown accustomed to getting little of no sleep and functioning while tired. So I went for the sleep study you recommended and discovered you were 100% accurate. I did have sleep apnea, and, in fact, was waking up 45 times an hour! My body was never getting rest. I now realize that issues I have been dealing with for years were related to my sleep apnea. In over 10 years, no other doctor caught this – but you did. I’ve only just begun CPAP treatment and I already see a  marked difference in my health, rest, and ability to focus and function at work and home. It is no exaggeration to say that your diagnosis and skill have changed, and perhaps saved, my life. Thank you. –Michael O’Neill

Dear Dr. Park and Team,

Thank you so much for seeing me on such last-minute notice last week. I’m not sure how you fit me in but I am very grateful. I went from being in severe discomfort to feeling fine in a matter of minutes! Thank you for making time for me and for you excellent care when I was far from home. Sincerely, — Maria W.

Good Afternoon, I was in need of medical attention for an ear ache, and I called Dr. Park’s office. Having never been to an otolaryngologist. I was not quite sure who to call. I was quite pleased with the kindness of the staff to first fit me in to the schedule in the same day, and second e-mail me the new patient registration forms upon my request to save me time. My first thought when I entered the office was that it looked very clean. My wait time was extremely minimal, and I was quickly brought into an examining room. The kind nurse/assistant seated me in an examining room, made sure I was comfortable, and explained to me how the massage chair worked. I could not believe it! I was so comfortable, I could have sat there all day! Dr Park did not seem rushed like U have seen other doctors appear, and took the time to educate me on what the problem in my ear was. He was an absolute pleasure to speak to. My overall experience for this first visit, was favorable, speedy, efficient and pleasant. If I ever need to see an otolgarygologist again, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be Dr. Park. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank again Dr. Park! —  Jamie B.

Dr. Park,

Well, it’s been about a year and a half now since my Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. As you likely recall, I was anxious for treatment, only after my fiance encouraged and pushed me to go see a Dr. about my snoring. I really hated that feeling of waking up alone to find her in the living room sleeping on the couch night after night. Worse of all, Janet expressed concern over my apparent breathing patterns, in which I would stop breathing in my sleep. She would lay there awake, worrying that I was not breathing. I never knew any of this and would have never come in to find out what could be done, had it not been for her. As well, I realized the constant feeling of being tired and having the ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime. Of course I just blamed that on myself, finding excuses as to why I was tired. I never stopped to think about the oddity in a 29 year old feeling the need for a nap every afternoon. As I am an unusual sleep apnea case, I am at ideal body weight and spend about 2 hours per day at the gym. The common cause, obesity, left us with one less choice – I could not lose weight for improvement or cure and this was something I would therefore have to deal with for a lifetime. The permanent and more drastic measure of the surgery was therefore my first choice and fortunately for me you were willing to offer me this option. As I work in the medical field, I am very familiar with the fact that not nearly all physicians are familiar with the most recent advances in treatment options & therefore they do NOT even offer these options to the patients. I am thankful that you have taken a keen interest in diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, allowing your patients a much greater chance at achieving a cure or treatment he/she can comply with and be happy about. My particular treatment was the surgical procedure I listed at the top, and even better, you effectively carried out this procedure with the Coblation technique. I have discussed this with many physicians in the NY area and it is not rare for many to ask what that is! I had the surgery at about noon on a Wednesday and walked out of the hospital the very next morning at 7:30 AM. I was doing my work from home for the rest of that week and back to work 100% the next week! Pain was not an issue at all, much less any significant discomfort. I did however hate eating all that ice cream and soft stuff, but you did cut out quite a bit of tissue. If that was the worst of it, who would say no to such a life-altering procedure?

Also, my fiance loved the peace and quiet around the apartment! Following a few weeks of healing and the swelling was eliminated, I began to feel an immediate difference in my energy levels and wakefulness. I slept for less than 7 hours and felt wide awake when I got up. Compare this to the 8 to 10 hours I could lay down for, previous to the surgery, and then I would force myself from bed feeling exhausted. I no longer felt/feel exhausted halfway through the day and needing a nap right after lunch. Within a few months of the surgery, it seemed that 5 or 6 hours was enough and I wake up automatically (wide awake) and feel like I just ate a bowl of sugar! It did feel a little different and take some getting used to, not having all that tissue anymore, but eating and swallowing is natural and no problem. Nobody knows anything unless I tell them too. Also, I can’t make a snoring noise even if I try! Basically, I feel better than I can remember. Looking back, I cannot pinpoint when my sleep apnea started to catch up with my wakefulness and feeling of being awake or tired. It seems to me that 3 to 6 years is an accurate window of this problem worsening, but you just don’t notice it! And when it is full blown, as in my case, you still do not realize it, because the problem was brought on so very gradually over such a long period of time! I can definitely pinpoint a difference after treatment and see how horrible a problem I had. If I remember correctly, the sleep testing results showed me to stop breathing approximately 40 times per hour with me stopping breathing for up to 2 or 3 minutes at one point. My 02 was desaturating to dangerous levels as well, demonstrating that my problem was not just a lot of noise that kept my fiance awake, or something that made me feel tired. This is a serious problem that would have definitely had major effects on my health over time! I have encouraged many friends and family to search out diagnosis and treatment when I have recognized the obvious symptoms in discussion, or if I observed those symptoms while they are/were sleeping. I thank you immensely for having cured me of this potentially debilitating problem and encourage you to continue you’re focus on this severely under-managed problem. I hope that patient and public awareness can soon be brought to the masses, so many more people can benefit from a good nights sleep. Forever in your debt, — A.D. 3/7/05

Dear Dr. Park,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about the great experience I had when I visited your office on April 13th. Your staff is very impressive! They are courteous, prompt, professional and your phone has never rung past the first ring before it is picked up by one of them asking how they can help. I also like the environment when I entered your office: very well laid-out, modern and upbeat. You yourself are an outstanding doctor. I did not have to wait one minute past my appointment time. When you first met me you listened attentively to all my symptoms, read over my paperwork and informed me about the next steps before you initiated treatment. I found you to be very informative and that you gave excellent, skillful care. I sincerely appreciate the great service I received from you and your staff. I would happily recommend your office to anyone needing an exceptional ENT! Sincerely, Adrienne Carson 10/10/04

Dear Dr. Park,

A few words of gratitude for the medical care I have received from you since May of this year. First of all, you were the first Doctor to examine me and accurately identify the combined problems that acid reflux and obstructive sleep apnea had been giving me. Your initial expectations were born out by several sleep studies at NYU and the course of action determined. Throughout the experience, I have enjoyed your enthusiasm and evident satisfaction at solving my medical problem. Furthermore, I have enjoyed being part of the solution rather than part of the problem; a subtle distinction that belies an important clinical skill. The potential for nervousness at having surgery was replaced by confidence in a practitioner and support staff that run like clockwork. Last but not least I appreciate being treated by a leader rather than a follower in his chosen field and I wish you every success in your career. In retrospect, after having three surgical procedures I know that my confidence is well-founded. The recovery from surgery each time was very fast. I sleep like a log, as well as I did use a CPAP machine but free of it. My wife sleeps like a log as the snoring is gone. Stay tuned for long-term benefits. I count myself fortunate to have been treated by Westside ENT and as you know have already referred a friend to your practice. I will continue to recommend you and Westside ENT to people I know and will be happy to relate my experiences to prospective patients for the procedures I have had. A big thank you also to Kathy Shin for handling the health insurance company. What a breath of fresh air to be dealing with someone who has so much integrity. Many Thanks, Dr. Park — Michael Killick

Hi Dr. Park: I apologize for taking such a long time to write to you, but wanted you to know a few things about my experience with West Side ENT. First and foremost, your staff is the most professional and efficient I have ever encountered. I mentioned this fact to Adrienne after my second appointment – that your office could and should be held up as the standard by which all other medical offices are judged. The staff is kind, courteous, helpful and patient when explaining everything from the office procedures to calling with results to answering specific questions about my own surgery. Many thanks for this, and I hope you realize how much this meant and means to me, and again, I would like to single out Adrienne as a very special asset. Secondly, I am thrilled with the outcome of my two procedures – especially since it was such a surprise to begin with! My whole life I had taken as normal the constant ‘nasal drip’ and feeling of fullness in the right side of my nose. After coming to you for a completely different problem (pool water in my ear), I learned I had a bone spur. When you told me I would need surgery, I thought let’s do it – and I will be forever thankful for your recommendation. I can now, for the first time in my life probably, breathe through both sides of my nose. It was such an amazing success that I tell everyone who asks about my experience. I had a reaction to the anesthesia from the surgery, but very little discomfort from the surgery itself, and of course, no one could tell I had any surgery at all: no swelling, very little drip (just a day or two). The ear tube is helping and is still working through its process, and afterward I’m sure it will be the same success story as the nasal surgery. Lastly, Dr. Park, I would like to thank you personally for your efforts. Immediately after my surgery, you wanted to check in on me, but you needed to attend to another patient and we missed each other. That evening, after what I’m sure was a full and exhausting day of surgery for you – I know I was exhausted! – you took the time to call to see how I was. My husband and I were so pleasantly surprised – and I noticed that you were calling from your home. What a special touch to make sure your patient was comfortable. I look forward to seeing you in a few months about my ear tube, and I wish you a long and successful practice in helping people just as you helped me. It is not overstating to say that what you have done has really changed my life – I can breathe!!! With my best regards to you and your staff, –Sherry & Bruce Laue

When I read the article “Tired of Being Tired” in Dr. Park’s January 2006 newsletter, I felt like the article was written about me. Two years ago, I went to Dr. Park with chronic throat pain and having suffered through multiple respiratory infections that year. I had expected that I would require a tonsillectomy, but to my surprise, Dr. Park was scheduling a sleep study.

Dr. Park suggested that my chronic throat pain (due to acid reflux during sleep) was only one of many symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Although I was a young, thin, fit female (having run a marathon that year), I was constantly fatigued, suffered from throat pain/stomach problems, and mild depression. I have a very stressful job, which is how I explained away all my aches and pains. Little did I know that I had a potentially life threatening condition that had been ignored for years by other doctors. Over the course of that year, I tried various non-surgical options for my OSA (CPAP, facial exercises, a dental instrument. etc.) with little relief. It was determined that I would require a number of procedures to correct how my airway collapsed and obstructed my ability to breathe. I had such faith in Dr. Park, that despite the number of procedures I was going to undergo, I truly believed I was in good hands. My surgery was done at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and required a three-day hospital stay. Dr. Park and his staff took excellent care of me during that time. Shortly after surgery, I developed an infection in one of my incision sites. Even though the office was closed, Dr. Park saw me immediately to care for it. This surgery was life changing. Amazing how 20+ years of sleep deprivation can impact you. Dr. Park and his staff gave me a new lease life. I no longer suffer from the multitude of health problems I used to. I no longer struggle to focus and have clarity in thought. I have an incredible amount of energy and don’t miss those days where I felt I could fall asleep right where I stood at the time. Even my relationships with my family, friends, coworkers, etc. have improved because I am no longer constantly exhausted and irritable.

I thank Dr. Park and his team for all of their work and continued efforts to raise awareness of sleep apnea. They are truly lifesavers. — Helju Nommik, May 2006

Dear Dr. Park,

I am writing to tell you that my Social Security Disability case has been decided in my favor. Accordingly, thank you so much for your most helpful input in the case for my lawyer and the Judge. You came to my aid when I urgently needed you. You gave me a generous amount of your time. You prepared a most thorough report for my case for a reasonable fee and in such short time! In all, you have shown yourself to be a most caring doctor, as well as a brilliant one. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I will never cease to be grateful. — Nancy Taylor

Are You A Sleep Sufferer? I have no idea who’s going to be reading this, but if you are you can’t feel like bliss. For when you just can’t get any sleep, you can feel like you’re lost and want to weep. You don’t have the energy to shout, and you feel like there’s no way out. The fact that you’re sleep deprived, just simply cannot be denied. And it’s even hard to use your keen wit, because you really do – feel like sh– Getting anything done becomes an arduous task, much more than anyone has a right to ask. No one knows what you must daily endure, and you wonder if there will ever be – a cure. You really do feel all alone, sometimes it’s even hard just to Pick up the phone. But if you’re reading this, help is on the way and yes you can look forward to – a much brighter day. So while what you’re going through is not a day in the park, Take heed in knowing that you can trust Dr. Park.

Dr. Park is knowledgeable, skillful and he really does care, plus he’s willing to accept most insurance’s fare. He returns calls within a reasonable time and I’m not only saying that cause it’s easy to rhyme. He’s not in it for the buck, nor does he ever rely on luck. For each patient he designs a plan, which is why he is such a special man. No longer should you worry if your soul will rust, because he really is one Dr. you can trust. So now you can worry much less about your fate, because he’ll tell you the research and he’s up-to-date. And believe me he will not fail, to explain it all, in exhaustive detail. Take a deep breath and relax a bit, cause you’re on your way to feeling fit! And no longer will you feel like you’ll want to weep, because you’re finally on your way to getting sleep!

Michael Wallach 2/23/05


About Dr. Park’s Teleseminars

It gives me great pleasure in submitting a testimonial about Dr Park’s amazing Teleseminar Programs (as well as with all the time he freely gives in educating us all). I always sign up for his Teleseminar’s as I run a UK business supporting people with sleep apnoea and raising awareness, and much of the invaluable information I gain from listening to these seminars is passed on to my large customer list in the UK, Europe and Australia. I have lost count of the amount of times people have said to me they wish they lived in New York for Dr Park’s to sort them out :) Thanks Dr Park for all that you do for us all. —  Kath Hope  www.hope2sleep.co.uk

Dr. Park’s teleseminars are an excellent educational resource, for patients and healthcare providers alike!– Maha Ahmad

I don’t know how I discovered Dr. Park’s website but I am certainly glad that I did.  I have sleep apnea, TMJ, and Bruxism and his website has provided me with a wealth of information especially on the subject of sleep apnea.  His expert interviews are great and always offer some worth- while advice or new knowledge that help me reach my goal of wellness. His website is a great resource for healthy options and choices. — Betty Fisher

Dr. Park is a very caring and knowledgeable professional.  This is a very rare combination of qualities in today’s medical environment. — Robert Greenbaum

Dr. Park’s teleseminar programs are very valuable to me and I try to never miss one. I have severe obstructive sleep apnea and my case is difficult to treat. The teleseminar programs provide a wealth of knowledge about the condition and the treatments. Most importantly, I have changed several things about my therapy based on information from the teleseminars. These changes have made my therapy more effective and less uncomfortable. That is the real value of the seminars – you are not just gaining knowledge – you can improve your therapy and your health! — Van Hawkins

Dr. Park provides a wealth of knowledge in the area of sleep breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. I enjoy his presentations and look forward to them monthly. It is rare to find such a  passionate physician open to so many different avenues of treatment for such a dangerous medical condition. We are lucky to have him aboard! — Lydia Sosenko DDS

I sincerely appreciate that Dr. Park finds and makes available subject matter experts that provide perspectives as to why we possibly develop sleep apnea.  He also makes available experts who provide alternate solutions.  I have worked with many doctors since being diagnosed with apnea and have become frustrated that none have been willing or able to help me get to the root cause of why I developed sleep apnea, nor have they been successful in treating me with their conventional methods.  Thanks to Dr. Park, I’m able to explore new treatment options. — Joey Hubbard

Dear individuals with Sleep Apnea and Dr. Park, I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Condition). Five years ago now, I developed Sleep Apnea and do to a severe back curvature I should have been put on a BiPap but I was put on a CPAP. I have functioned but the brain blips became more pronounced over the years.       I am a college Professor and want to continue teaching at full speed ahead but Sleep Apnea has taken its toll on me. I use a full face mask and learned to tape my lips shut, with paper take, so I wouldn’t wake up in the night with a dry mouth and I use a very comfortable piece of material to slip above the bridge of my nose, through the headgear for my full mask; this covers my eyes so I don’t get dry eyes! Because of my love of learning and LOVE of life I am persistent and as of two weeks ago, I am on a BiPaP which basically works on my throat and lungs, breathing in and breathing out. I also use B-1 at night, before going to bed and I play a Didge and a Harmonica as often as I can. These instruments are played to create the circular breathe, which aids in strengthening the neck area. Over the last several months I have signed up to be a part of Dr. Park’s talks, MP3 downloads and have appreciated his degree of knowledge on our condition.  Here is my website, for those of you that want some inspiration and appreciation of the gift of life. Helen Keller said, “Life is nothing if not a daring adventure,” and I have had the privilege of great adventures in time. — Semper Fidelis,  Christinah Curtis  http://ccisha.tripod.com

I was a first time participant to this series.  The question & answer period was very informative and there were details about my condition that came up for the first time.  Once the session was opened for direct caller questions, I was able to communicate directly with Dr. Park for further depth  into these areas of interest.  I found this entire opportunity very professional, very informative & extremely worth while.  Thank you. — William Matheson

I’ve been a sleep apenea patient for about 14 years now, wearing a CPap Mask every night.  But I have received more of the “understanding” of what that is, and how it happens, and what helps/hurts breathing around the whole issue from Dr. Park.  I have followed him online, and joined in some of the discussions he has with experts.  A good, central source of ‘cutting edge’ knowledge about apnea. — Marty Wilson

Dr Park is a genuine fellow. He is truly interested in finding answers,Sometimes by looking at things that already exist and seeing the links to osa and breathing also by hands on investigation.I think he will further our knowledge of osa and treatments that are yet to be figured out.The lights are on and The Doctor is On Duty. Good Sleep — Chris H

It is astounding that Dr. Park is willing to share his time and talents in this forum. He is very knowledgeable and generous with his time. — Joyce 

Hi Dr. Park, I would be glad to write a testimonial saying how much I value the Ask Dr. Park and Expert Interview teleseminar programs.  I have been enjoying the teleseminars with the guest interviews and your literature for a couple of years now.    I discovered about four years ago, I have a severe case of obstructive sleep apnea.  I did not manage it well at first because I wasn’t convinced at that time it was something that required therapeutic attention.  But then the symptoms started stacking up on me.  The EDS (excessive daytime sleepines), cognitive impairments and inability to have a full night’s rest became too much for me to handle.  When I lost my job due to the OSA, I sought more intervention, and started using my BiPAP consistently every night.  Even though I used it consistently, I was still having trouble with the above symptoms.    I decided to look into the medical journals myself and become more involved with my own diagnosis.  I decided the point of blockage in my airway was due to a defective lower and upper jaw.  I then proceeded to visit specialist after specialist until the number had reached twelve.  The other difficulty I encountered was navigating through the insurance company’s requirements for treatment.    Although, I have consulted many sources throughout my four-year struggle with OSA–which sometimes felt liking running through a gauntlet–I have always esteemed what Dr. Park taught about OSA as the truth.  I have been to ENTs and other specialists who tried to talk me into having a “soft parts” surgery or tried convincing me there is nothing wrong with me that BiPAP can’t take care of, but it was after listening to Dr. Kasey Li that I decided to look into the maxillofacial surgeon, medical literature and Dr. Kasey Li’s website.  I learned the most about my my condition and it’s correction from these sources. After doing my research and analyzing the reports I received from the specialists, a model of my particular situation began to emerge.  It was at this point in time, I was able to visit an oral surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO and talk to someone who knows what to do about my particular case of severe OSA.    Today I am undergoing pre-surgical orthodontics, and looking forward to a surgery (MMA=maxillomandibular advancement) that will correct my jaws, so that one day I can once again be able to breath on my own at night, or at least, need minimal intervention for breathing at night.    It was because of Dr. Park’s–and his perenial study of the disorder–programs that I have been able to see what OSA does to the whole body, and not just the small areas of the body that the medical community has chopped up for the convenience of treatment.  Thanks for your relentless pursuit of the truth in regard to this disorder.  I hope the rest of the world will one day wake up to the consequences and comorbidities of this painless, but deadly disorder. I do believe you will be remembered as a pioneer in this area of medicine–sooner than later, I hope. –Tim Limkeman

I think it’s wonderful that Dr. Park creates these teleseminars for us and at no charge.  I can’t imagine what most Doctors would charge for consultations of this caliper.  We can ask what we need to get better understanding of our issues and good advice to try.    Thank you Dr. Park.  :-)   –Sue Knigge

Listening to your guest about problems with breathing, I learned that one’s head needed to be slightly elevated while sleeping – not too much, but a little, and the shoulders needed to be flat on the bed. I didn’t know that before, and it has helped, I believe, with my sleeping. Thank you. — Helene Keers

I can’t say enough about what I have learned in the “Ask Dr. Park and Expert Interviews”.  Dr. Park regularly has guests who are not only experts and willing to share their insights into sleep apnea and related sleep issues, BUT more importantly, they are frequently the leaders and innovators that have unique and special insights not generally available. Dr. Park, fortunately, doesn’t buy the standard of care “company line” that is all too prevalent in medicine.  He thinks for himself, sorts through the medical research shares this information very generously, and finds others like-minded you are just as open, dedicated, and generous with their time, thoughts, and research for the benefit of sleep apnea patients anywhere in the world.  In less than a year,  I have benefited more from Dr. Park’s books, website,  and teleseminar programs than I have in the past 10 plus years of digging around for myself to come up with answers to my significant sleep issues.  I have made enormous progress in resolving my sleep issues this past year and have hope for bringing my remaining sleep issues to resolution in the near future. — Herb Rickloff

Not only is Dr. Park on the cutting edge of breathing theory and therapy, but he is attracting some of the best and most creative minds to his program.  It is a must for professionals involved in breathing, dental, facial growth, and sleep medicine fields. — Dr. Barry Raphael

Dear Dr. Park,

I believe that you are a life saver! at a minimum, you are a quality of life saver! i have been bedbound for 23 hours a day 7 days a week for 24 years with  a SEVERE case of Lyme disease and associated infections. i have had multiple sleep studies at Georgetown University and down in Boca Raton and Del Ray Beach Hospital. And they all show the same thing. Pretty moderate to severe CENTRAL sleep apnea, plus obstructive sleep apnea, and mixed hypopnea. i believe that the lyme bugs deep in my brainsteam cause the brain to NOT be able to get to DEEP, restorative sleep. i have listened in on some of your seminars and to your learned and erudite guests, and i would LOVE to be treated by YOU! i can NOT take the CPAP machine. i have tried every kind of mask imaginable to NO avail. i was recommended to try the BI-pap, but medicare didn’t want to pay. i have already lost the “filet mignon” portion of my life from age 33 to 57 and i would LOVE to get some quality years before i die. ANY additional help or advice you can supply would be greatly welcome. YOU, Sir, are a credit to your profession! Good Health is the only TRUE WEALTH! God Speed to YOU! — Thomas Hennessy jr.

We are still in the diagnosis phase as we seek to find reasons for my son’s ongoing, severe fatigue.  Dr. Park’s book, Sleep, Interrupted, and the teleseminars have been an amazing resource as we have been learning and addressing all of the different issues related to sleep problems.  Because I have been learning from Dr. Park, I have introduced my son’s physician to UARS; have selected a sleep center to run the appropriate tests; and I am a much more educated medical consumer.  I am so grateful to Dr. Park and for his passion for education and healing.  We are hopeful that we are very close to finding some help for our son.  This has been a 4 1/2 year process so far… and not easy.  Dr. Park has given us hope, knowledge and resources.  I’ll let you know how this all turns out! — Carol Springer

While not agreeing with everything, Dr Park has made invaluable contribution to not only myself by to sleep guide.com and by extension to those who subscribe, with a professional and no nonsense approach. — Thomas Williams

Although the technology sometimes stutters, Dr. Park’s “Ask Dr. Park and Expert Interview” teleseminars are very helpful to patients struggling with a host of sleep apnea-related disorders who want to understand what’s going on in their bodies and who want to maximize their therapy and overall health.  It’s refreshing to find a physician who is so open to interfacing with the public. — Deb Skolnik

I have been part of Ask Dr. Park’s teleseminar programs for quite awhile and it has been a great learning experience for myself.  To learn and share from others is what Dr. Park is all about. Placing patients from around the world in one room with Dr Park who understand your personal agony of sleep deprivation and takes time to answer your questions is in my personal point of view ” a God sent”. Dr Park gives you 1 hour of questions and answers and when the time comes to say good night, you know you are not the only one fighting sleep apnea and somehow it gives you strength. Thank you Dr Park for your time… — Josiane Flaherty

Stephen: I commend thoroughly your targetted webinar events.    I do wish your expertise (which is very helpful for osa sufferers) included non-osa-caused “sleep problems”.  Slow, shallow breathing and plms (111day and 122 night) result in some desats and a fragmented sleep pattern.  CPAP  (2 years) was discontinued 4 years ago.  I have managed to cope very well, but am still looking  for confirmational research on magnesium/calcium balance.       My latest realization is that my breathing is not good enough when I have painful events (or shock) so that, at times, I risk passing out and have to call 911.    My next plan is to seek help for possible events not diagnosed in the past.  I am 82 in August. — Isabel Meyer

I really enjoy your teleseminar programs. I have learned so much useful information on Sleep Apnea . I do not get to see many though because of the time zone difference. I have enjoyed the free down loads for some of the programs I have missed. I find your teleseminars very interesting & informative. Thank you for your time spent doing these teleseminars. I find the information very infomative & useful in my OSA quest. — Asmaa McGinley

Dr. Steven Park…is one of the best most active sleep doctor reach out to the world on the net. Excellent knowledge as an expertise able to cross relates in other medical science fields with very open minded in opinion in sleep medical. Highly potential as next Noble Prize candidate…in the pipeline. — Malvin Ooi

Thank you for organizing these most helpful and informative seminars. I have learned a lot from them and your excellent guest speakers. In my particular case they led me to a much better understanding of the possible root causes of my OSA and I am now pursuing an alternative corrective treatment that is already starting to produce measurable results. Please I encourage you to continue this pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding for the benefit of all. — JP Abello

I have been listening to Dr Park and his Expert Interviews for about 6 months.  I have sleep apnea and have struggled to keep my CPAP mask on during the night for almost 5 years due to chronic pain and CPAP masks that are very difficult to tolerate due to pain and headaches. I located his website one night while looking for alternative therapies for sleep apnea.  Each teleconference has been very informative whether it is Dr Park answering questions about sleep apnea or whether he brings in another expert.  The teleconferences have been done professionally and often times, the guest speaker and Dr Park will go beyond the 1 hour allotted, when they are able to, to continue answering questions or furthering the discussion for the evening.  Dr Park brings in research results into the discussion regularly and often says more research needs to be done in a certain area for those with sleep apnea.   Plus, Dr Park sends an audio recording of the prior nights teleconference for those who registered to listen in if you missed something during the discussion. I highly recommend you take the time to hear what Dr Park and his guests have to say; your time will be well spent. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder and shouldn’t be ignored. I believe Dr Park cares about people with sleep apnea and related sleep issues or he wouldn’t be giving of his time regularly to people he may never have as patients.  He is allowing us to learn, at no cost, about how we might be able to help ourselves and our loved ones who struggle every night with sleep apnea and related problems, to improve our quality of life by becoming more educated about our breathing problems.  I appreciate that he, as an ENT surgeon, says surgery is not always a good option and explains why he says that.  He takes the time to answer questions from the audience.  Listening into his teleconferences has encouraged me look at other potential options to help with my sleep apnea instead of using only the CPAP mask and machine which I can’t tolerate most nights anyway.  I am currently working with a dentist who is fitting me for an oral mandibular appliance.  I have just ordered a didgeridoo to see if I can strengthen my throat muscles (which potentially could help me reduce my AHI level) because of what I heard on a teleconference or two with Dr Parks. Thanks Dr Park for your commitment to help those of us who are desperate for a good night’s sleep! — Kathy Gallagher

Dr. Park’s Expert Interview teleseminar programs has allowed the public access to a variety of passionate professionals in the medical, dental and holistic health fields.  The insight of these individuals on sleep and sleep breathing topics has increased my knowledge and helped me find treatment for my obstructive sleep apnea. — MARIE GAN

I’ve listened to many of Dr. Park’s teleseminars, and they’re informative and interesting.  I appreciate that a physician of his caliber is actually doing something to help many who suffer from sleep disordered breathing and are unable to consult with him personally.    Knowledge is power, and Dr. Park is educating and empowering many. — Robin Mover

Dr Park has (for me) been a revelation. Why? ‘The’ so called sleep apnoea experts where I reside in New Zealand, will not consider options outside the scope of their expertise. Surgeon’s want to cut you open, CPAP experts rubbish surgeons and oral aides, and so it goes on…    Dr Park communicates his findings and is compassionate in the area of Sleep Apnoea. For me, he has provided hope and strength with the belief I will one day cure my apnoea and have a full nights sleep. As well as compassion, Steven is transparent and open to new technologies and techniques that ‘may or may not’, require surgical intervention, which is his filed of expertise.    Thanks Dr Park. May you continue to challenge your peers and colleagues.    Kind regards,  Alastair Watts  Christchurch, New Zealand — Alasatir Watts

I have learned a great deal from Dr. Park and try to listen to his teleseminars as often as I can.  With few exceptions, they have been very rewarding.  I am grateful to have found this resource.  — M.L. Jacobsen

Dr. Park’s teleseminar’s have been a great source of directly impactful information for my ongoing sleep apnea struggles.  Often, I find that physicians do not offer a sufficient holistic understanding of this condition. I have assimilated much of the shared information into my own recovery protocol through this problematic condition.  In contrast, many online support groups often have conflicting information.  More often than not, they are just the same old symptomatic treatments.  Dr. Park’s informative teleseminars have been a ray of light for me. — Jay Polatnick

The information I’ve learned about techniques to deal with apnea has been valuable to pass on to colleagues and clients.  I recommend the webinars to my colleagues when I teach seminars! — Denise Dougherty

Dr Park’s webinars have been my Tuesday highlight for many months now.  Tina, my wife, starts my laptop for me and I arrive just in time from my dental office to have a brandy and get out my note pad.  Dr. Park I really thank you for your programs-they have been so well done and have always included so many top notch clinicians.  A wonderful format, pertinent data,comprehensive subjects,inviting interaction, user-friendly style, and “safe” webinar for the lay and the professional.    I particularly appreciate your embrace of the DENTAL component.  Dr. Park you have unequivocally included us dentists as a vital part of SLEEP MEDICINE-that means so much to me. Seems as though we dentists try so hard to be accepted by the MEDICAL COMMUNITY as an unequivocal part of sleep medicine.  We (dentists) know we are an essential part of sleep medicine but without you “M.D.’s /D.O.’s signing off” we are subservient.  The Holy Grail of Sleep Medicine seems to be the medical doctors making the official diagnosis of “mild/moderate sleep apnea” at which point, we dentists are invited into the arena of treatment.  I,as a dentist, do not feel “second rate” as much as I feel hamstrung. We can see snoring and apnea people who we can help at low cost without the enormous costs of lab sleep studies.  The immediate response might be, “what if we are missing severe apnea or UARS”?  Most likely so but the world CANNOT AFFORD OR PROVIDE “IDYLLISM”. Practicality dictates that we do the most we can with the resources we have, i.e. do some good and do as little harm as possible.  I have zero hesitation in stopping an oral appliance and moving my patient to the “CPAP” regimen. Steadily, I have so much negativity about CPAP, so why not achieve some relief with an oral appliance pending an “upgrade to CPAP”.  Thank you so much for inviting me to testify Dr. Park, you are doing a lot of good.  Jim Hales. DDS,  Sun. 24 July ’11      I really like your personal stories about your family that makes you reachable and in touch.  Blessings to you and your family. – Jim Hales

Dr. Park is an amazing resource for both health care consumers and health care providers.  His passion for bringing together various disciplines, each with an emphasis on sleeping and breathing, is advancing our collective understanding of this most important aspect of human health. – David E. Lawler DDS

Dr Park’s Website and Expert Interview teleseminar programs are invaluable to understanding what causes sleep breathing disorders (SBDs) & obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and what you can do to help alleviate their effects.  Dr. Park is open to exploring and introducing to his online audience via the teleseminar programs the spectrum of treatments available (including  the latest & most progressive).  Again, Dr. Park, his Website & his teleseminar program are invaluable resources from which I have learned so much over the past two years.  Thank you for what you do Dr. Park! – Brian Masetta

I sign up and listen to as many teleseminars from Dr. Park as I can.  They are consistently filled with valuable information, interesting guest speakers and there’s always something to learn.  Dr. Park maintains a good pace during each interview and asks focused pointed questions.  His passion regarding OSA is clear and inspiring. – Dana Hockenbury, SLP / COM

As someone newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. Park’s teleseminars have been an invaluable source of general information as well as specific options; I’m now a better-informed consumer and feel more in control of my treatment path. – Robert Winn

I have severe sleep apnea, was treated for it with cpap/bipap for aboout 8 years…..I think the problems I have irregular heartbeat and breathing problems are a result of untreated sleep apnea for many years.  I am on medication for heartbeat problems which were more skipped and droped beats. some pvcs. which caused me to feel like I would pass out..  Now that I have been treated with the cpap  with humidifier, I have problems with my sinuses ,some dizziness.The air that is forced in all night is irritating.  I have considered going to a dentist that specializes in a mouthpiece for sleep apnea.  Have not done that yet.  I read somewhere in your info that your autonomic nervous system is messed up when you stop breathing at night. I found that could explain my heartbeat and breathing problems…Enjoy your website!  Thanks. – C. Gray

Life is not fair.  In spite of being a health nut, at 60 my body was deteriorating rapidly.  When I realized I had sleep apnea, I found Dr. Park, he fixed the sleep apnea, and everything changed.  My health and my life have completely turned around.    If you suspect that you have a sleep breathing disorder, don’t fool around – get a sleep study, and if your suspicions are confirmed, see Dr. Park.    Life is not fair, but sometimes you get lucky and find a good friend. – John Cronk


Dr. Park has been very helpful to me by answering the questions I had about sleep apnea, and the shrinking of the turbinates.  Because of his answers, I was able to reach a better understanding of what I was dealing with. – Bryant Tomdio

Dr. Park’s explanations are easy to understand, and in my case, hit the nail on the head.  Am trying to figure out how to get to NY and see him in person.  I truly believe his treatments would change my life. – Rette Tyrrel

It is always educational and entertaining to take part in Dr. Park’s Expert Interviews. Not only are the classes themselves informational the questions and comments from the attendees serve to bring about discussions that deepen the experience for all. – Joseph H. Durando III

I have listened to Dr. Park’s teleseminar programs for several months.  He provides a valuable service by making the latest information on sleep disturbance, sleep apnea, and breathing problems available to the general public.  I am impressed by his knowledge of the material, his interviewing skills, and his ability to ask insightful questions that help us understand the material.  He is able to interview specialists in many different areas which give valuable insights on the causes and treatments of sleep apnea which is growing in public health awareness.  His dedication and concern for patients are evident in his response to clinical material presented by listeners with medical problems.  I have recommended his program to a number of my friends. – Diana Cook

Feel we CPAP users are very fortunate to have someone of Dr. Park’s stature be available to us in what otherwise is a “desert” of help. His knowledge and willingness to share it are a blessing.  Teleseminar programs are worth listening to. –Ginny Edmundson

I am so appreciative of Dr. Park’s willingness to help those of us he does not even know, in our problems with sleep apnea.    The interviews are always informative and with all the questions that are included, it usually hits the nail on the head.    These apnea issues are really disheartening, but it helps that he is there to stand in the gap for me. –Peggy

Dr. Park’s teleseminars are like having the doctor to yourself.  Between the questions I have asked and the questions of others it is as if all the topics are covered.  Most informative method of getting an answer tailored to your specific question. –Mac Mastroni

Dear Dr. Park,

I just wanted to say thank you for (quite literally) saving my life. I have been a horrible sleeper my entire life, as well as pretty depressed and physically weak in general. It never impacted me enough that I lost a job or anything major, but I definitely suffered in school and didn’t enjoy life as much as I should have. Kind of strange that an 8 year old would have sleeping problems, right?     I was tired 24 hours a day, and for no apparent reason. Since I had known only that feeling my whole life, I guess I felt it was normal. Everyone said exercise alleviates depression, and working out daily for over an hour a day did absolutely nothing for me. And I was still sleeping pretty bad (usually the issue was waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason).     Since that didn’t work, I started going to my regular doctor who shot me up with everything under the sun; vitamin B, cortisone, whatever he could think of to boost my energy.     I once drank 4 Red Bulls in a row and promptly fell asleep.     I tried anti-depressants and they did nothing.     Finally, my wife once noticed while I was sleeping that I was struggling to breathe. I snored, too, and I figured it was a simple sleep apnea. Around this time (I’m now in my late 20’s), the fatigue got unbearable. I was using vacation time at work to stay home and sleep. I was risking flunking out of college. None of that mattered to me; I was deathly tired. I knew something was up.     I got a sleep study done, and was frantic to get the results. You can imagine my dismay when I learned I did not have sleep apnea. After all, I wake up with my chest pounding in the middle of the night, I snore, I sound like I’m struggling to breath when I sleep; how could I not have it? I mean, I didn’t exactly fancy the idea of sleeping with a CPAP machine the rest of my life but at least it was an answer! So I went to doctor after doctor who all basically told me I’m out of luck getting anything done unless I wanted to get another sleep study. This wasn’t an option because 1) that would mean thousands of dollars I didn’t have and 2) it would be another 14 days minimum before I got anywhere, which wasn’t an option to me.     It got to the point where I didn’t know how I was going to make it into work and I feared falling asleep while driving. With all my vacation used up at work, I had to make a decision. I didn’t want to risk my job, but I physically could not make it in. I knew my job had a wellness program, so I contacted a psychotherapist there. He noticed I have something called “pressurized speech”, an indication of ADHD, but he said it only accounts for some sleep issues and not breathing problems. Again, what were my breathing problems if I don’t have sleep apnea?     Googling beyond belief, I came across a bunch of your articles and forum posts. To be honest, I had read so many that I don’t recall which particular one finally shined a light on me. But it was one where you mentioned a “scalloped tongue”. When I saw an image online of what it looked like, I couldn’t believe it was an ailment. I thought everyone saw their teeth marks on their tongue! When I embarrassingly asked people to show me their tongues and I noticed mine was in fact unique, I immediately went to an orthodontist. He confirmed I have a narrow jaw and my tongue is simply too big for my mouth. He mentioned a dental device for me to sleep with that pushes my tongue forward, but unfortunately it would take months before my insurance could clear it. I immediately searched for a “boil and bite” solution. I got the device a few days after ordering (I won’t mention the brand so you do not think I’m a corporate shill) and for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to wake up refreshed. I am not exaggerating. I guess my body became so accustomed to crummy sleep that it “survived” on the pathetic amounts of sleep I was getting. But finally, I know what it’s like to wake up and be energized. I cannot say for sure if I obtained ADHD from the torturous sleep I got for most of my life, but my days of sluggishness and feeling depressed are completely gone. All because you took the time to write your findings (for free!) online. I wanted to say thank you, because it’s an effort most people aren’t willing to put forward. I wanted to let you know it wasn’t for nothing, because although I am 28 years old now, I am finally living life. 28 years lost over something so stupid as the size of my jaw/tongue, but it’s also 50+ years I would have never gotten if it wasn’t for your writings. My wife and I thank you greatly! –Paul

About Dr. Park’s Virtual Coaching

Sleep-disordered breathing (OSA and UARS) is poorly understood, underdiagnosed/misdiagnosed and can be difficult to treat. Dr. Steven Park’s website with written information, teleseminars, and his teleconsult/video coaching sessions is like a beacon in the darkness. I am so much better off because of the information he provides, and the teleconsult was invaluable for me for the task of sorting out my treatment options. I am a physician and have devoured all the information I could get my hands on, but there was no substitute for the one on one coaching I received in my teleconsult with Dr. Park. I might have chosen the wrong surgery for me without the opportunity to pick his brain regarding my individual issues, what is required to see improvement, and what each of the surgical options have been shown to do in terms of anatomy and to provide in terms of improvement in AHI. This then allowed me to be more knowledgable in choosing the right surgeon for me based on the procedure I had chosen, and for asking the right questions once I met with my surgeon. 

I had listened to all the teleseminars but I didn’t really understand what I needed to until I had the chance to discuss the issues one on one with Dr. Park. He also helped me understand more about how I might be able to make PAP therapy work better for me. This level of attention is something you might not get from your local ENT doc, and it seems very few understand the issues in sleep-disordered breathing the way Dr. Park does. I suspect he understands UARS better than the docs at Stanford, which is supposed to be the best in the world. I am very grateful for the teleconsult/video coaching service he offers and would highly recommend it for anyone who is having trouble with treatment of their sleep disordered breathing.

– Deborah Wardly, MD

I have been visiting dozens of doctors during the past 5 years. My extreme fatigue was affecting my way of life. It only took 40 minutes during Dr. Park´s online coaching to direct me into the right path. He reviewed all of my labs, CT scans, mandibular X- rays and questions before our session. Most of the doctors I’ve seen in the past practice defensive medicine, and prefer to play it safe. Dr. Park showed immediate interest, his honest opinion is invaluable. He is full of knowledge and is dedicated to his patients. 

When I first read about Dr Park I thought i had to travel back and fourth to NY, but I realized there´s no need to. He is the perfect link between my Sleep Doctor and my dentist. I feel safe knowing i can double check any doubts or downturns in my treatment. I will encourage everyone to read his book. You will learn the amount of work Dr. Park has invested in his research. By far the best Doctor i have ever met… via video chat, believe it or not!

– Pablo Uribe

I want to thank Dr. Park for his coaching session.  I found Dr. Park to be insightful and thoughtful in his analysis of my sleep breathing issues.  I appreciate his all encompassing knowledge of UARS and sleep apnea.  

– Matt L.

I have a history of unsuccessful treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. After following Dr. Park’s blog for a while and listening to many of his webcasts, I arranged a coaching session with him to discuss what treatment options I might consider beyond PAP therapy and an oral appliance.

I found Dr. Park to be friendly, fully present, and happy to answer my questions. He had no agenda; he left the focus of the session up to me. Dr. Park explained that my OSA is due to my anatomy (narrow jaws, large tongue), and then suggested several additional methods of treatment that I might investigate. I plan to pursue several of these options until I find one that is successful.

Although I have not yet implemented any of the treatment plans suggested by Dr. Park, I’m confident that he is more knowledgeable and reputable than most doctors I could consult in this field. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking advice on treatment for sleep apnea.

– Douglas H.