“Shut Your Mouth” Book Review

As part of my show notes from my last podcast about the dangers of mouth breathing, I referenced a website that gave a great summary of George Catlin’s book, “Shut Your Mouth to Save Your Life,” published in 1882. Caitlin was an American painter in the latter half of the 19th century whose paintings of […]

How Your Jaws Affect The Way You Breathe

Just a final reminder that tonight at 8PM Eastern, I’ll be interviewing Dr. Raymond Silkman, an holistic dentist who will reveal his unique perspective on how our diets have ruined our health, mainly by causing our jaws to shrink. In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Silkman will reveal: – How modern orthodontics can ruin your sleep quality […]

Mental or Dental? The Holistic Explanation for Sleep Apnea

Orthodontists and physicians naturally assume that the size of our jaws is determined by our genes. Most modern humans now have at least some degree of dental crowding; some have significant dental crowding. Hundreds of years ago, this wasn't the case, which shows that for the most part, it isn't genetic. In his classic book, […]