7 Sleep Apnea Surgery Myths On The Internet, Debunked

#1: Turbinate Surgery Causes Empty Nose Syndrome

There are a number of commonly held myths and misconceptions about sleep apnea surgery by the general public. Almost every day, I see evidence of this on the internet, and it seems like this phenomenon is only increasing. As you may be aware, wrong information can multiple virally on the internet, and since errors can’t […]

Podcast #16: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will reveal “Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery.” Topics include: 1. Septoplasty: Why packs are not needed 2. Turbinoplasty: How much removal is enough? 3. Nostril surgery: Why it’s better than Breathe Right strips 4. Sinus surgery: Myths and misconceptions 5. Reconstructive surgery: When you may need […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Septoplasty

A septoplasty procedure to correct a deviated nasal septum is the most common surgical procedure that I perform. Its’ main purpose is to help people breathe better. Good nasal breathing is also important for CPAP and dental device effectiveness.    I recently made up a frequently asked questions (FAQ) information sheet for my patients. I thought […]

Septoplasty Without Packings Or Splints

One of the most uncomfortable things you can do to another person is to place nasal packs in their nose after nasal surgery.  What’s even worse is when you have to take it out. I know what it feels like, as I had nasal packs after I broke my nose when I was six. I […]