7 Sleep Apnea Surgery Myths On The Internet, Debunked

#1: Turbinate Surgery Causes Empty Nose Syndrome

There are a number of commonly held myths and misconceptions about sleep apnea surgery by the general public. Almost every day, I see evidence of this on the internet, and it seems like this phenomenon is only increasing. As you may be aware, wrong information can multiple virally on the internet, and since errors can’t […]

Podcast #15: 7 Myths About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will discuss the 7 myths about nasal surgery, & when to do surgery   MP3 download RSS Feed Subscribe on iTunes   1. Nasal trauma causes a deviated septum 2. Septoplasty will treat snoring or sleep apnea 3. Septoplasty will change my nose externally or have bruising 4. Will need […]