Ask Dr. Park: What You Can Do When CPAP Fails

In this teleseminar, I’ll go over all options when CPAP doesn’t work for you.  • What other options are there when CPAP doesn’t work? • Are dental devices effective? • What are my surgical options? • Do tongue exercises, acupuncture or didgideroo playing help to cure sleep apnea? • What about Provent nasal plugs? Please […]

Expert Interview: Dr. Ira Shapira, Founder of

In this Expert Interview I’ve invited Dr. Ira Shapira, founder of We’ll talk about the main reasons why people hate CPAP and what you can do about it. He’ll answer the following questions: • How did I HATE CPAP get its name? • How did you become involved in treating sleep apnea in the […]

Patient Voices: Sleep Apnea in the New York Times

The New York Times recently produced an excellent audio-visual piece where they interviewed 6 patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. They underwent different treatment options, and all describe what it’s like to live with sleep apnea. The prevailing theme is that there are no stereotypes for sleep apnea and your choice of treatment for this condition […]