Flat-headed Children May Be Developmentally Delayed

Deformational (or positional) plagiocephaly (DP) is a commonly seen condition, especially since pediatricians began to recommend placing our infants on their backs to sleep. Here’s a study showing that children with DP have lower developmental scores at age 3 compared to those that didn’t have DP. The largest differences were seen in cognition, language, and […]

Flathead Syndrome Associated with Lower Developmental Scores in Preschoolers

Deformational plagiocephaly (PD), or flathead syndrome, is a common condition, especially since our country began to place our infants on their backs during sleep, to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Even my middle son had it and was referred to a neurosurgeon for evaluation. In this Pediatrics study, researchers found that preschoolers with PD […]

How Hip Surgery Can Up Your Stroke Risk

Here’s a study out of the the Netherlands showing that your risk of stroke is well over 4 times higher after undergoing hip replacement surgery within the first two weeks after surgery. Stroke risk dropped over the next 6-12 weeks, but still remained significantly elevated. This article talks a great deal about the controversy behind being […]

Post-cardiac Surgery Complications Due to Inflammation Or Sleep Apnea?

Why do certain patients do poorly after heart surgery, or any other type of surgery? This study reveals that patients that suffered cardiovascular instability after bypass surgery had increased levels of an inflammatory marker, IL-6. Not too coincidentally, IL-6 has also been shown to be significantly elevated in people with obstructive sleep apnea.  We already know that […]

81% of Patients Admitted To The Hospital May Have Sleep Apnea

I wrote in my book, Sleep, Interrupted about my observation that one possible reason why people have so many heart attacks in hospitals is that they’re forced to sleep on their backs, when they’re normally side or stomach sleepers. Here’s a related study that’s really scary: Researchers from Loyola University Chicago showed that using a […]