Big Midsection May Up Your Risk of Dying Suddenly

Here’s an interesting study showing that having a large midsection significantly increases your risk of dying from sudden cardiac death. Not too surprising, since being overweight in general will increase your risk of having obstructive sleep apnea. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea has been shown to significantly increase your risk of sudden cardiac death. In this study, they adjusted for […]

Why Hypertension Is More Lethal For African Americans

Blacks with high blood pressure were found to be twice as likely to suffer sudden cardiac death compared to other racial groups. A study published in HeartRhythm found that this was the case regardless of other other factors such as age, gender, family history, weight, diabetes or previous history of heart disease. What they don’t mention is that […]

When Do You Want To Die?

If you had to choose between dying in your sleep or dying after having breakfast in the morning, which would you choose? Most of you would probably choose to die in your sleep. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are most likely to die anywhere between 7 AM and 12 PM, with a nadir between […]

Why Does Depression Increase Heart Attacks in Women?

Researchers found that women with depression were found to have an increased risk of sudden cardiac death. What other medial condition dramatically increases your chances of sudden cardiac death? If you guessed obstructive sleep apnea, you’re right. What condition is not diagnosed in 90% of women who have it? Correct again. It’s sleep apnea. What’s one […]