Dr. Barry Krakow’s Review of Totally CPAP – Part 1

Read what Dr. Barry Krakow, author of Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping through the Night, has to say about my new book, Totally CPAP. This is Part I of a multi-part in-depth, critical review. This is taken from his blog. My friend and colleague, Dr. Steven Park, has recently published a new work, […]

Q: Severe OSA or UARS?

Hello Dr. Park,
I am a 24 year old male and have been suffering from moderate-severe sleep problems for at least 7 years now.  For as long as I can remember, I have had issues waking up in the morning.  No matter how hard I try or what methods are used, I couldn’t get up when desired.  In the past 2 years I have noticed a big decrease in my level of energy.  Oftentimes I feel fatigued to the point where my day is compromised. 

Sleep And Grow Rich: 5 Steps to More Restful, Rejuvenating, Refreshing Sleep

Numerous research studies have shown that a good night’s rest is vital when it comes to your ability to focus, concentrate, remember, be creative, and various other mental and cognitive abilities. Your athletic abilities are also enhanced significantly when you sleep well. Needless to say, consistent, high-quality, refreshing, rejuvenating sleep can enhance almost every aspect of your emotional, mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual live.