A Must Read Interview If You Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Things are a bit crazy as I ramp up my efforts to restart my podcast series as well to continue production of my second book, Your Ultimate Sleep Apnea Solution: Dr. Park’s Complete Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need and the Life You want.  As I was searching for information on the internet, I stumbled […]

A New Cure For Snoring?

There are literally hundreds of anti-snoring patents in the patents office, with various novels ways to help you stop snoring. Many are designed to wake you up whenever you snore, using electricity or movements. I recently found two devices that analyzes your snoring patterns and sounds and subsequently wakes you up to a lighter stage […]

Tongue Exercises For Sleep Apnea: Expert Interview With Janet Bennett

Tongue exercises can be a noninvasive way of promoting muscle tone in the throat, which can be helpful for some people with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Listen to this interview with Ms. Janet Bennett, speech pathologist and creator of the I Just Want To Sleep website, about her unique tongue exercise program. Learn:  What tongue exercises can […]