The Oxygen Myth: What Doctors May Not Know About Breathing

One of my biggest frustrations while performing surgery is having to work with certain anesthesia staff that don’t realize that the patient is not breathing. The problem is that they are focused too much on their instruments, not realizing what’s really happening until things start to go wrong.    During sleep, your muscles are relatively […]

You Don’t Have Sleep Apnea. But You Still Stop Breathing A Lot

Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy Findings in Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

Many of my patients are told that they don’t have obstructive sleep apnea based on formal sleep studies. However, they still keep waking up choking and gasping, or never feel refreshed after sleeping for 10 hours.  Here’s a recent publication (by me and others) looking at drug induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) in patients with upper […]

The Value of Sleep Endoscopy in Sleep Apnea

I saw a patient recently with known obstructive sleep apnea, who came in for a surgical consultation. He could not tolerate CPAP. He had read about sleep endoscopy and inquired about possibly undergoing this procedure.    Many years ago, a series of papers were published extolling the value of placing patients under general anesthesia, and with […]