Can The Recession Make You Fat?

There’s been a lot of press recently about how the current economic situation is causing people to lose sleep. According to a recent National Sleep Foundation poll, 16% of Americans report losing sleep at least a few days in the past month due to the current financial situation. Another 15% are worried about the economy, […]

Q: How many hours should I sleep?

  A:  It depends. Assuming that you don’t have any sleep-breathing problems and no other medical issues exist, the general range is about 5-8 hours. Everyone is different, with various sleep requirements. If you do have a sleep-breathing problem, then since your sleep quality is not as good, you’ll need more. It’s been shown that […]

Women and Heart Disease: What Most Doctors Don’t Know

If you’re a woman having chest pain or shortness of breath, it’ll take longer for you to be evaluated by EMS and taken to the emergency room than if you’re a man. This finding was reported this month’s Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, and summarized for the lay public in the New York Times. What’s […]