Ecstacy And Sleep Apnea

Not too surprisingly, regular use of the recreational drug ecstacy was found to significantly raise the risk of sleep apnea in young, healthy volunteers. Researchers found that this drug affects deep sleep muscle tone and brain neurotransmitters, leading to more frequent obstructions.  Ecstacy is illegal, but there’s one common and very legal drug that’s just […]

Sleep Apnea & Snoring iPhone Applications

Here are a few interesting applications I found on the iTunes store. One is called SnoreMonitor, which is a paid application for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. They also have a lite version that’s free, with less features.   This application is companion software for‘s internal nasal dilator clips and boil-and-bite mandibular advancement device. […]

Disappointing Results for Valerian as a Sleep Aid

In this month’s issue of Sleep Medicine, researchers reported that valerian, a popular herbal remedy that’s promoted as a sleep aid, was found no better than a placebo. Sixteen older women with insomnia were randomized and given either 300 mg of concentrated valerian extract or placebo before bedtime. Sleep quality was assessed at baseline and […]