Airway Inflammation and the 7 Stealthy Sleep Smashers

My family and I recently suffered a miserable cold that would not go away for over 2 weeks. It started off with a stuffy nose, which then developed into a prolonged chronic cough. Thankfully, everyone is now fine, except for a few lingering symptoms. During the peak of my cold, I had trouble sleeping because […]

Your Most Common Ear, Nose & Throat Questions (Podcast 023)

And How it Relates to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

In this podcast episode, Kathy puts me on the spot by asking unscripted questions about the most common questions I get asked regarding the ear, nose and throat. I will answer:   Should large tonsils always be removed? Do tonsils grow back after surgery? Do we need tonsils? / How can you fight infections if your take […]

3 Facts You Should Know To End Sinusitis For Good

Maxine was fed up. Month after month, she suffered excruciating sinus pain and pressure. She initially went to her primary care doctor, who prescribed multiple course of antibiotics, but this stopped working after a while. She was then referred to an ENT surgeon, who prescribed a cocktail of stronger antibiotics, allergy medications and decongestants, only […]

New Insights Into Nasal Saline

In-between nasal surgery cases today in the operating room, my resident asked me why the standard over-the-counter isotonic nasal saline preparation said .65% saline, rather than .9% saline.   The normal salt concentration in our bodies is 0.9%, which can also be mimicked by adding 9 grams of salt into 1 liter of water. This […]

No Magic Bullets

I’ve stated before that the vast majority of conditions that patients come to see me for (over 90%) are directly a result of the person’s diet, lifestyle, and stress factors. A broken nose, a foreign body or an abscess are acute conditions that can be treated quickly, but many symptoms that I see such as […]