Podcast #16: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will reveal “Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery.” Topics include: 1. Septoplasty: Why packs are not needed 2. Turbinoplasty: How much removal is enough? 3. Nostril surgery: Why it’s better than Breathe Right strips 4. Sinus surgery: Myths and misconceptions 5. Reconstructive surgery: When you may need […]

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Chronic Sinusitis?

Here’s my response below to a NY Times article on chronic sinusitis. They talk about cutting edge research in diagnosing and treating sinusitis, but completely miss an important point. Please read my post below to see what I mean, and feel free to comment on anything that I’ve said. Biofilms are the pathology de jour in […]

Nasal Polyps And Erectile Dysfunction: How It May Link To Sleep Apnea

I just came across this article showing that treating nasal polyps with sinus surgery can help men with erectile disfunction (ED). My initial reaction was that any type of nasal surgery can help with sleep-breathing problems, whether or not it’s obstructive sleep apnea. The authors studied 35 patients who were confirmed to have nasal polyps. […]