Tongue exercises for sleep apnea?

What do singing and playing the didgeridoo have in common? They both involve profound throat and tongue muscle control, and both are found to improve sleep apnea symptoms. Tongue and throat exercises have been around for years, usually offered for people with various speech and swallowing problems. But more recently, they’ve also been advocated for […]

Tongue Exercise for Sleep Apnea?

Brazilian researchers reported that a series of throat exercises, along with breathing exercises and nasal saline irrigation, could improve signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Volunteers with obstructive sleep apnea were given exercises which were similar to those used traditionally for speech therapy. This randomized study showed that the overall AHI dropped 39% in the study […]

Can Singing Help Your Sleep Apnea?

There are a number of programs on the internet that promote programs or products that are said to "cure" sleep apnea. This ranges from singing lessons to didgeridoo playing. Whether or not they work is up for debate, but one interesting thing about all these options is that they involve profound breath control.    One […]