Poor Sleep Strongly Predicts Chronic Pain

It’s been a general consensus amongst physicians that chronic pain can disrupt sleep, leading to insomnia and frequent awakenings during the night. In the sleep research field, it’s been long known that poor sleep quality or quantity can lower your pain thresholds, meaning that you’ll feel pain a lot earlier. Regardless of what causes what, […]

Arthritis, Anxiety and Apnea Connections

Fully 1/3 of people with arthritis were found to have symptoms of  anxiety or depression in this study. Overall, 31% of participants with arthritis had anxiety, and 18% had depression. The authors explain that people living with arthritis may be worried about their livelihood or their ability to perform at their job might be stressful. […]

Arthritis and Sleep Apnea

Jane Brody from the New York Times just published an article on osteoarthritis and the high rate of knee replacement procedures. There are many effective ways of treating arthritis, but one thing that most doctors never consider when treating this condition is obstructive sleep apnea. A study in 2009 from the Mayo Clinic showed that […]

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Lupus?

Probably not. But I can make a strong argument that it’s possible with upper airway resistance syndrome. I saw a patient with UARS today who underwent removal of her large lingual tonsils a few months ago. As expected, her previous poor sleep quality and headaches are much improved, but not completely normal. Opening up the […]

Phil Mickelson, Arthritis, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

I’ve always wondered about a possible link between arthritis and obstructive sleep apnea. We know that people with arthritis also have a higher rate of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. I recently found out that Phil Mickelson has a debilitating condition called psoriatic arthritis. A few days before the last US Open, he could barely walk.  As […]