An Out-Of-The Box Explanation For Chronic Stress

Here’s a very good story about one of my past guest interviewees, Dr. Avram Gold. Sleep Review Magazine published an interesting article that reviews Dr. Gold’s controversial work on functional somatic syndromes (depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Raynaud’s syndrome, RLS, hypothyroidism, IBS, etc.) and upper airway resistance syndrome.  It’s a fascinating discussion about how […]

Viagra, Raynaud’s & Sleep Apnea

Viagra is still a popular drug that’s used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It works by relaxing smooth muscle in blood vessels, allowing blood to enter the penis. A recent study showed that it can also help people with Raynaud’s phenomenon, where small blood vessels in the hands or feet go into spasm […]

How Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Caused By Sleep Apnea

Here’s a study that shows how obstructive sleep apnea can cause peripheral neuropathy. The authors studied nerve function in the arms of patients with sleep apnea and found abnormal conduction measures which improved after CPAP treatment. They also mentioned that chronic intermittent hypoxia is a major aggravator of nerve conduction abnormalities. This could explain various […]

Miscarriages & Heart Disease, From Sleep Apnea?

If you’ve been following my blog, I alluded to how infertility and miscarriages can be aggravated by obstructive sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. A recent study showed that having 3 miscarriages increases your chances of having heart disease by over 5 times normal. If you think about the physiology, it makes sense: Breathing […]

Raynaud’s and Sleep Apnea

There was an interesting Q&A article on Raynaud's in the New York Times. This is what I responded with:   Notice how almost everyone one of you with Raynaud's can't (or prefer not to) sleep on your back. The reason for this is that due to smaller jaw structures and narrowing of your upper airway, […]