Snoring In Pregnancy Linked To Higher Health Risks

There’s been lots of studies in the past showing that obstructive sleep apnea during pregnancy can be potentially dangerous to the mother and baby’s health, but unfortunately, these finding haven’t made their way into being used in clinical practice. Here’s another study that supports the need to screen for OSA on a regular basis: Snoring […]

Sleep Apnea May Increase The Risk Of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Guest post Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common condition among Americans. This is well evident as one in 15 Americans suffers from this condition these days. A new study states that women who have OSA are highly prone to high risk health conditions during pregnancy, which is fatal to their babies and the mothers. The […]

Women with Gestational Diabetes Have 7X Increased Risk of Sleep Apnea

Here’s another not too surprising study revealing that women with gestational diabetes during pregnancy have 7 times increased risk of having obstructive sleep apnea compared to women without gestational diabetes. There are also many other studies linking preeclampsia (dangerous high blood pressure during pregnancy) with obstructive sleep apnea. Gaining significant weight during pregnancy can tip you over the […]

Can CPAP Prevent Pregnancy Complications?

Preeclampsia is a potentially dangerous condition during pregnancy that can lead to life-threatening high blood pressure, kidney failure, and fetal growth delay. Dr. Colin Sullivan (the inventor of the CPAP machine) has published a series of studies on the beneficial effects of using CPAP to control preeclampsia. In his latest study, he and his colleagues […]

High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy Raises Child’s Heart Risk

Having high blood pressure during pregnancy (also called preeclampsia) was found to increase the offspring’s risk of having high blood pressure in childhood and young adulthood. This study published in Pediatrics analyzed 18 studies and looked at cardiovascular risk factors in people exposed to high blood pressure during pregnancy. Those that were exposed had a […]