Women And Heart Disease: A Travesty

February is American Heart Month, and one thing that’s being stressed more this year is the fact that many women’s heart problems go undiagnosed, especially if they have atypical symptoms. The American Heart Association just recently came out with revised guidelines of cardiovascular disease prevention for women. The two interesting points they make is that […]

Can Sleep-Breathing Problems Cause Postpartum Depression?

A recent study recommended that all new mothers be screened for postpartum depression. This is not a bad idea, since so many women are likely to undergo some form of depression in the postpartum period. Even my wife Kathy experienced it after our first son, Jonas, was born. There are many good explanations for postpartum […]

Do All Pregnant Women Have Sleep Apnea?

We know that significant weight gain is a common aggravator of obstructive sleep apnea. If you already have narrowed jaws and gain some weight, then you'll move up the sleep-breathing continuum that I describe in my book, Sleep, Interrupted. But why is it that when women become pregnant, sleep apnea is the last thing that's […]

Old Wives’ Tale or Eastern Wisdom?

After our third son Brennan was born, I noticed that my wife wasn’t eating the tofu that she made for dinner. She commented matter of factly that post-partum women shouldn’t eat tofu or any soy products. This seems to be common knowledge in East Asian cultures, handed down from mothers to daughters.  In retrospect, it […]