Allergy Solutions for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Spring is in the air, and so are the tree pollens. Millions of people suffer this time of the year from sneezing, scratchy, itchy eyes, nose and throats, nasal congestion and chronic cough. It's also a given that if you have allergies, you won't sleep as well, along with everything from asthma, cough, and sinusitis […]

Short Sleep Predicts Lower IQ Scores In Healthy Children

Even if you don't have any sleep problems or medical issues, the quality and quantity of sleep can play an important role in how well you function during the day. This study showed that in normal, healthy children, shorter sleep duration was associated with lower IQ scores and perceptual reasoning.    In this age of […]

Surprising News About Alternative Medicine

Americans spent $34 billion in a single year on alternative and complementary medicines. "Natural" products, not including vitamins and minerals, made up the bulk of self-care spending. This estimate was found in a recent survey sponsored by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Almost $50 billion was spent on out of pocket for doctor’s visits […]

When Men Cry

Once in a while, I see male patients that reveal that they sometimes cry in the mornings upon awakening from sleep. There are two major reasons: The first group includes men who can’t stay asleep or keep waking up, feeling exhausted when the alarm goes off, and they feel as if they only slept for […]