Find Your Best Sleep Position

How to Avoid the One Position That Can Kill You

Just after finishing a tonsillectomy on a 13 year old boy, I watched as the anesthesiologist removed the breathing tube easily. He was then moved to the stretcher, but after a few seconds, he became combative and started sitting up and flailing his arms and legs. It took two anesthesiologists, two OR nurses and myself […]

How Your Face Can Predict Your Sleep Position

Sleep position is a perennial topic that you’ll see often talked about in the media. In most cases, your sleep position is thought to predict your personality type. However, there’s a simpler explanation for why you may prefer to sleep on your side or on your tummy. This has to do with the shape of your face, […]

What’s The Best Sleep Position?

There are many different interpretations on the significant of your sleep position. Many descriptions attribute personality traits to each of various sleep positions. Some allude to health issues in brief, but here’s a simple explanation for why you prefer to sleep on your back, side or stomach: Your ability to breathe properly.   As I describe […]