Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

In this Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar, I answer the following questions: – I’ve had my CPAP machine for 5 years. Should I undergo another sleep study to see if anything has changed? – Does palatal expansion work for people over 60? – What do you think about Provent therapy? – Is it possible to have […]

A Proven Solution for Your Sleepy Child

Finally, Answers to Why Your Child Can’t Sleep… Dr. Park interviews premier pediatric orthodontist and palatal expansion expert, Dr. William Hang about the advantages of using orthodontics to straighten your child’s smile and sleep. Listen to this riveting and enlightening discussion on pediatric, as well as, adult sleep apnea that can help you and your loved breathe, […]

Straighten Your Smile, Straighten Your Sleep: Pediatric Orthodontics to Prevent Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Join me on the next installment of my Expert Interview Series, where orthodontist and sleep disorder expert, Dr. William Hang, will discuss how pediatric orthodontics and palatal expansion can help your child breathe, sleep, and live better.   During this special event, you will discover:   • Why your child’s health problems could be caused […]