Why Oxygen Is Overrated

“I need some help here!,” said the anesthesiologist sternly as he struggled to squeeze the bag to help Jackie breathe. The sound pitch on the finger oxygen monitor was getting lower and lower, dropping into the dangerous 60% range. The circulating nurse paged  STAT overhead for another anesthesiologist to come to our operating room. The […]

Expert Interview: Lois Laynee on “Restoring Breathing for a Good Night Sleep”

This month, I have as my guest Ms. Lois Laynee, CEO of AZ Sleep Apnea Center, and founder of Restorative Breathing Method. She will give a talk titled:  “Restoring Breathing for a Good Night Sleep” In this program, Lois reveals: – The physiology and biomechanics of optimal breathing– Why exclusive nasal breathing is a must– […]

What We Take for Granted

As I was running through the Van Cortland park trails on top of the New York Stete aqueduct last Saturday, I was thinking about what would happen if this massive pipe either clogged or had a leak. Sure enough, we had a major water main break in the Bronx on Sunday which lead to no […]