Sleep: The Missing Link in Weight Loss

Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times health columnist, wrote a great article in last week’s Times Magazine called, “The Fat Trap.” She details a poignant account of her personal struggles with obesity, and the various scientific studies that support the notion that there are a number of genetic, biochemical and environmental factors that prevent certain people […]

How Being Fat Can Cause Dementia

Being overweight has been associated with a number of medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Now a new study shows that being overweight in midlife significantly increases your chances of developing dementia later in life. You can read a summary of the study here. The researchers are unclear about the reason for this […]

“I Know I Don’t Have Sleep Apnea”

A few times every week, when I bring up the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea, a patient will confidently say to me, "I know I don’t have sleep apnea." Nine out of ten times, a sleep study reveals that the person does have sleep apnea.  A recent study presented at this year’s annual meeting of the […]