How Hot Flashes in Women Protects Against Heart Disease

Hot flashes and night sweats are common symptoms of menopause. Interestingly, in a study of 60,000 post-menopausal women, those that suffered the worst night sweats and hot flashes at the start of menopause had a 17% lower chance of stroke and 11% lower chance of heart disease when followed for 10 years, compared with those […]

Less Hot Flashes With An Antidepressant?

Can taking an antidepressant diminish menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats? A study just published in JAMA showed that menopausal women who were given Lexapro had small, but significantly less number of hot flashes per day compared to women given placebos. Many antidepressants can diminish REM sleep, which is when you’re dreaming, […]

All That Shivers Is Not A Cold

You wake up one morning with a sore, scratchy throat, feeling a little run down. The next night, your throat pain gets even worse, and you experience mild fever, with sweats and chills. Your nose is a little stuffy and runny. Your muscles ache. You're feeling even more tired. After a few days, your symptoms […]

Weight Loss Helps With Hot Flushes In Menopause – Really?

  Here's another menopause-related study that may have an alternative explanation. Researchers found that in overweight and obese menopausal women, weight loss significantly improved symptoms of hot flushes. They didn't give any conclusive or plausible explanation for the reason why.  It's clear that if you're overweight or obese, a significantly higher number of women will […]

Is That Scratchy Throat Really A Cold? The Case Against Strep Throat (Part 2)

In my last post I described a typical person that sees me for a few day history of throat pain. She has cold-like symptoms, but her exam is essentially normal. Her voice box does show mild swelling and inflammation, consistent with laryngopharyngeal reflux disease.  Upon further questioning, she remembers that she did have a late […]