Podcast #15: 7 Myths About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will discuss the 7 myths about nasal surgery, & when to do surgery   MP3 download RSS Feed Subscribe on iTunes   1. Nasal trauma causes a deviated septum 2. Septoplasty will treat snoring or sleep apnea 3. Septoplasty will change my nose externally or have bruising 4. Will need […]

The Deviated Septum Myth

Whenever I hear someone say that they have a deviated septum, or that their deviated septum is the cause of their headaches, sinusitis, and even their crooked nose, I chuckle quietly inside to myself.  This is because technically, everyone has a crooked, or deviated nasal septum. No one has a perfectly straight nasal septum. It’s […]