Why CPAP Does Not Work For Some People

Filling your cup with water so CPAP can work analogy

Why is it that after using your CPAP machine or dental appliance religiously, it still does not work? Some days you feel great after sleeping with CPAP. But on other days, you feel like CPAP does not work at all. I learned a very important concept that may explain this situation from Dr. David Buchholz, […]

The #1 Mistake That First Time CPAP Users Make

The biggest myth perpetuated by the sleep community is that once you start using CPAP, you’ll begin to sleep like a baby again. Just like getting married, the waiting (for your sleep test and another few weeks for the results), anticipation (doctors and techs tell you it’s going to be great) and all the hard […]

Podcast #16: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will reveal “Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery.” Topics include: 1. Septoplasty: Why packs are not needed 2. Turbinoplasty: How much removal is enough? 3. Nostril surgery: Why it’s better than Breathe Right strips 4. Sinus surgery: Myths and misconceptions 5. Reconstructive surgery: When you may need […]