Korean Versus North American Facial Beauty Standards

How do two different cultures view facial features when it comes to beauty? Here’s an interesting blog by a Canadian husband and wife team (living in Korea) who make some insightful observations on how Koreans view facial beauty. In particular, they comment on the fact that native Koreans prefer a V-Line face, with narrow jaws […]

Expert Interview: Dr. Derek Mahony on Nasal Airway, Snoring/OSA & Malocclusion in Children

On this Expert Interview program, Dr. Derek Mahony, a world renowned orthodontist  from Australia, gives a special talk on: Nasal Airway, Snoring/OSA & Malocclusion in Children Please fill in the form below to receive the MP3 recording and PDF of the slides for free: Contact Information First Name * Last Name Email * *By clicking […]

An Embarrassing Admission

I was flipping through the channels this past weekend and just happened to land on PBS, where they were doing a special on the Lawrence Welk Show. I have to admit that I used to watch this show in the 70s, and still to this day, if I ever stumble upon this show, I’ll watch […]