The Morality of Sleep?

In a culture that views taking naps or siestas during the day as being lazy or unproductive, it’s no wonder that we have more and more emotional, psychological and physical health problems in our society. The issue of sleep as a moral conundrum was discussed on this Bloggingheads video at the NY Times. As a […]

An Interesting Series of Videos on Sleep

I finally had some time on my flight to and from LA during our family vacation to watch a series of videos called "Waking Up To Sleep 2007." The conference was held at the Salk Institute, and was presented by The Science Network. There are about 25 videos of pre-eminent sleep researchers on various topics […]

5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Better Sleep Fast

  In our over-stressed, over-weight, sleep-deprived society, there’s a tendency for experts to offer you the latest, greatest, high-tech, and usually expensive advice when you want to get better sleep. From the new Zeo (which measures your brain waves while you sleep), to $3,000 mattresses with reclining features and NASA engineered memory foam, there’s an […]

The Real Reason Why Some People Are Lazy

More than a few times per month, I have patients comment that they think others perceive them as being lazy. Whether they like to "sleep in" or have trouble getting up in the mornings, or if they’re prone to taking naps in the afternoon, their sleepiness often elicits other’s perception of them as being lazy or unproductive. Add to this […]