Your Most Common Ear, Nose & Throat Questions (Podcast 023)

And How it Relates to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

In this podcast episode, Kathy puts me on the spot by asking unscripted questions about the most common questions I get asked regarding the ear, nose and throat. I will answer:   Should large tonsils always be removed? Do tonsils grow back after surgery? Do we need tonsils? / How can you fight infections if your take […]

Tonsils, Mono, and Chronic Fatigue

As I was taking out enormous tonsils from a young child yesterday, I was reminded of a young female college student that I treated many years ago who came to see me with severe tonsillitis. She had severe throat pain, difficulty swallowing, diffuse and tender swollen neck glands, and couldn’t sleep at all. Due to […]

Can H1N1 Cause Sleep Apnea?

You may be thinking that I’m stretching things a bit by making the suggestion that H1N1 can cause sleep apnea, but in my mind, there’s no doubt that whether it’s H1N1, the common cold, allergies, or strep throat, any degree of inflammation and swelling in the nose and the throat can aggravate sleep-breathing problems. If […]

The Real Reason for Chronic Fatigue in Mono?

A recent article in the New York Times reports on the widespread incidence of mononucleosis in teens and young adults. The Epstein-Barr virus is thought to be the cause, with most Americans infected by their 30s. It’s thought that up to 50% of people infected develop severe fatigue or other symptoms. The article points out […]