Lower Melatonin Levels Up Your Risk of Diabetes

Here’s another chicken or egg question: Do poor sleep habits cause diabetes and lower melatonin levels, or does diabetes cause lower levels of melatonin? In this study out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, having lower levels of melatonin was associated with a higher risk of diabetes. This does not prove that having lower […]

More Studies Link Sleep Apnea to Mild Cognitive Impairment & Dementia

Almost every week, I come across another study that links poor sleep or sleep  apnea to dementia. Here’s a paper that shows that sleep deprivation increases beta amyloid production. Beta amyloid plaques are what accumulates in dementia and alzheimer’s disease, and is the current hot topic in Alzheimer’s research.  This paper showed that chronic intermittent […]

Women & Insomnia: What Else Could it Be?

Here’s a not-too-surprising finding: A 2007 study front the National Sleep Foundation found that 3 out of every 10 women admit to taking a sleeping pill at least a few nights a week. Prescription sleep aids peak amongst women aged 40 to 59. Many women also report that their sleep has never been the same […]

Is Your Computer Screen Ruining Your Sleep?

As I’m writing this post at 9:30 PM, using my computer is likely to keep me up later into the night. It’s not so much the activity or the content that’s overly stimulating, but the type of computer screen that might prevent me from falling asleep. The newer, brighter backlit LED screens that are almost […]

The Fountain of Youth, Revealed

Ponce de Leon is well known as the Spanish explorer that searched for the fountain of youth in the early 1500s. Even today, that search continues through the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, plastic surgery procedures, and nutritional products. Anti-aging medicine even has a certifying organization for doctors. Some experts are even claiming that they can […]