How Hip Surgery Can Up Your Stroke Risk

Here’s a study out of the the Netherlands showing that your risk of stroke is well over 4 times higher after undergoing hip replacement surgery within the first two weeks after surgery. Stroke risk dropped over the next 6-12 weeks, but still remained significantly elevated. This article talks a great deal about the controversy behind being […]

Why Stroke Rates Are Increasing in Younger People

Researchers have shown that rates of hospitalization for ischemic strokes in young people, even in children and teens, is rising. The largest jump was a 51% increase in male ages 15 to 34. Rising rates were also seen in male ages 5 to 14 (36%), female ages 5 to 14 (31%), and female ages 15 […]

Missing The Boat With Stroke and Sleep Apnea

Here's another large scale population-based research study that completely misses the boat. The INTERSTROKE study compared 3000 people with stroke with 3000 controls across 22 countries. The researchers concluded that hypertension appeared to be the strongest predictor of stroke, with a 2.64 increased odds ratio. Other factors included smoking, abdominal obesity, diet, exercise, alcohol, diabetes, depression, […]