Does Tonsillectomy Increase Your Risk of Infections?

One of the most common questions I get asked by parents is, “Don’t the tonsils and adenoids help to fight infections?” My usual response is that yes, they are part of the immune system, but only a small part. There are thousands of lymphoid tissues and glands spread throughout the body. However, if large tonsils […]

7 Sleep Apnea Surgery Myths

Jennifer was adamant that her son’s tonsils were not to be removed. They were 4+ “kissing” tonsils, the size of two golf balls, and he was choking 12 times every hour.  I recommended surgery. His mother asked about alternative options. I mentioned CPAP and functional dental appliances as alternative options.  Shaking her head, she asked, […]

How Infections Can Raise Stroke Risk In Children

Here’s an article showing that children who suffer from stoke had some sort of infection in the days leading up the event. Researchers from UCSF found that 29% of children who suffered a stroke had an infection within 2 days of the stroke, whereas only 1% had infections in the control group. It’s likely that […]